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Learn about the faces behind CincyStateofBeing


We met at Miami University over pizza, beer, and Frank's RedHot. Ten years later, our tastes have (for the most part) evolved. While we still enjoy pizza and beer, we've also discovered a passion for health. 

We've always been risk takers (sorry, Mom and Dad) and we love trying new health and wellness trends. We are interested in anything boasting “feel good, look good” results, and we will probably end it with a nice glass of red. 

We both moved away from Cincinnati and have recently returned to find a booming wellness scene that we want to explore, highlight, and share.  CincyStateofBeing serves to curate and advertise healthy places, people, and events in the Queen City. We want to share stories and amplify the voice of the local and health and wellness scene. 

About Meriden

 Early Adopter. Judgement Free. Lover of Kombucha.

Always wondering, "Where do all the bobby pins go?"

I'm in the business of people.


I strive to promote BIG change that helps people feel better, work better, love better, and ultimately just live better. I truly believe I can change the world, and I think you can as well. 


My education is in psychology, public health, and positive psychology. My philosophy on health is that it is personal and comprised of spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational, and emotional components.  


In 2007, Google suggested yoga and meditation to me after I got hit by a car and was on bed rest.  I fell in love. Today, I meditate on a  cushion that I got for $9.99 through Amazon Prime, typically in my messy living room while running late to work. I’ve also now done over 16 teacher trainings. I haven't become the Buddha yet, but I know how to teach breathing and meditation in simple language which can be applied in any situation.


I've worked with NFL teams, corporate professionals, teenage girls, moms, medical students, you name it. Through my work, I'm constantly meeting people and learning new things about health.


It's my goal to amplify the work being done in Cincinnati, and share that knowledge with readers so we can all be healthier. 

About Molly

Molly: Go-Getter. Lover of all things fun. Positive. Music addict. Hates sitting still. 

I found passion in exercise after I gave up on high school sports my senior year. 


My parents dragged me to work out with them and their trainer and I ended up falling in love with the feeling of a good sweat sesh. Since then, I have become a bit of a fitness junkie. 


I moved to Chicago from Cincinnati in 2014. I missed Skyline so I came home in October 2017. Now, as a sales professional, exercise is the 1 hour of the day that I give to myself. To me, it is so much more than fitting into my skinny jeans- it’s my therapy session. A time to totally zone out in a dark cycling room and let the music clear my head or to be one with the mat and my thoughts in a vinyasa yoga class. 


My proudest fitness accomplishments include: running the Niagara Falls International Marathon and completing the Yoga Sculpt certification program through Corepower Yoga. I’m excited to explore the fitness, health, and wellness community in Cincinnati and share information that helps bring others’ goals to life. 


It’s truly amazing what you can accomplish when you get your mind out of the way.

About Us


We’re going to explore Cincinnati’s workout and social scene and stay on the lookout for interesting stories and trends, and fun and beneficial offerings. We’ll share events and address exciting finds in food, venues, and people who we think helped made us feel, look, and be awesome(r). If you like what you read, be sure to check out our weekly newsletter!