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Boxing Isn't Just For Men: The Punch House

November 25, 2019

The Quick Scoop: Boxing, once a male-dominated industry, is now attracting women for its physical benefits and mental benefits. The Punch House is a local boxing gym that trains boxers of all levels and offers group fitness classes and personal training. Expect a high-intensity workout that will leave your arms and core sore in a great way. 



Boxing as a workout 


There was a time when boxing workouts were reserved for bulky males with bloody lips and bruised cheekbones. Today, that’s no longer the case. Women across the nation are flocking to boxing studios for both the physical and mental benefits. Boxing is heavy on cardio, and also increases strength which can create tone and muscle definition.  Beyond the physical benefits, boxing can be a great stress reliever.  There’s just something about slamming your fists into a punching bag that helps the burdens of the day melt away. Boxing can also help increase self-confidence. It’s empowering, and for women who aren’t typically given permission from society to publicly express rage or anger, it can be life-changing. 


The Punch House


The Punch House was opened by Danny Calhoun ten years ago. Originally from Chicago, Danny moved to The Queen City to play football for The University of Cincinnati. While in college Danny began offering personal training sessions as a side passion. He also used boxing to cross-train for football. He graduated with a degree in business and went on to become a professional boxer, ranked as one of the best in the world. While boxing, Danny continued offering personal training sessions and found that his clients love when he included boxing techniques in their workouts. As he puts it, “People were interested in learning something new other than just running or lifting weights or doing ab work. They really liked learning boxing techniques.” 




After seeing his client’s passion for boxing, Danny decided to open the Punch House. The boxing studio trains boxers of all levels and offers boxing classes for group fitness and individual personal training. All newbies are required to take an introduction class too which Molly and I took recently. In these classes, participants are taught basic foundational techniques.  Danny told us that some people take the intro class just once and others take it a few times. 


I am new to boxing and it sometimes frustrates me to not have the steps and the punches down. That being said, the few times I have gone to a boxing class I feel real' good after. I like to picture people or situations I’m angry with while I’m punching the bag. Not sure if that’s normal or not but I also don’t care because it feels great. All of the Punch House’s classes end with 10-minutes of ab work and even though I do ab work a lot this particular sequence had me sore for a few days. 



 If you’re interested in working one on one with a coach, you can sign up for The Punch House’s personal training services which will get you unlimited group fitness classes and weekly sessions with a personal trainer. 


What to Expect


You can expect a high-intensity workout where you will sweat and also release anger and stress. The classes are usually set up in circuits. The Punch House has gloves for you if you don’t own gloves. Sessions may include the punching bag, weights, or activities in the ring. While there are certainly really experienced boxers both training and teaching at The Punch House it really is a beginners welcome, non-intimidating setting. The instructors will explain everything you need to know. Wear tennis shoes and workout clothes and bring a mental list of anyone you’re mad at. 

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