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It's Not Just for Michael Phelps: Cupping For Tension and Pain Relief by Meagen Deck of Springer PT

September 5, 2019

Meagen Deck came to Cincinnati by way of Boston. After receiving her doctorate in physical therapy, she spent years as a private PT, living on a yacht for 6 months, then taking 6 months off and enjoying life (now that’s living). Once she decided it was time to “settle down”, she fell in love with a good ole Cincinnati guy, and he convinced her that here is where she needed to be. All we can say is lucky us. 


My husband and I are pretty obsessed with Meagen (as is anyone that meets her). Aside from us making fast friends, she’s professionally outstanding. In fact, my husband actually calls her a miracle worker. Here's a rare guest quote from my hubs, Ryan. 


“After nearly two months of intense shoulder pain, I finally gave in. Meriden had been telling me (and telling me and telling me) for weeks that I needed to go see Meagen (Springer) Deck with SpringerPT because she was confident cupping would help alleviate my pain. Up until this point, my only experience with cupping was watching Michael Phelps in the Olympics with all of these weird bruises on his body and thinking to myself “What in the world is that?” Oh, and when Meriden would come home from Meagen's with bruises everywhere. Needless to say, I was skeptical it would be the cure Meriden claimed it would be, but at that point, I was desperate.

 Meagen’s office was incredibly inviting. Relaxing music was playing as I walked onto the porch and up to the door. I cannot explain why, but it really put me at ease. Inside, the office was quaint but incredibly functional. I think Meagen could sense my skepticism, and she spent a good deal of time really trying to understand what was going on with my pain. She then did a lot of baseline assessments first which gave her an idea of my functionality and also felt good. She also did a number of tests to really isolate where the issue was. 


When we finally got to cupping, it was not at all the scary unnerving process I thought it was going to be. It felt just like someone was kind of pinching and pulling a little at my skin while also getting deep into my muscles. After the cups were in position, Meagen had me do various stretches to really get into the pain points. There was some slight pain, but it was that good kind of pain where you know your muscles are releasing. 


I went back a number of times, and I'm still going about every other week, and it has tremendously helped my shoulder pain. Meagen is chill and easy to talk to and made the whole process easy. “



Well, folks, you heard it from Ryan, I was right. Oh, and also, Meagen is amazing. Really though on top of Ryan's testimonial, I love Meagen because of the variety of modalities she trained in. She does not only cupping but dry needling, ART, and more and will respond and adapt her treatment plan in the moment based on what's going on with your body in the moment. 


Meagen has a beautiful home office in her Hyde Park home that as Ryan mentioned is super calming and inviting. Yes, cupping will probably give you bruises, but I will say the more I go the faster the bruises fade. And, I don't really care if there are bruises if my neck, back, and shoulder tension are relieved. It is so worth it.


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