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Hot Yoga at Body Alive Oakley

August 30, 2019

Body Alive was one of the first studios I went to when I moved to Cincy six years ago (wow, six years is a long time). I would hit up the Kenwood location with my pal Emily for spinning on the regular, and just recently Molly and I went back for a bounce class which you can read about here.   The Kenwood studio is beautifulllll and big.  Even though I live just a few blocks away, I had never been to the Oakley studio, so I was excited when Body Alive reached out and invited us in for a hot yoga class. 


The first thing I noticed when I pulled up was the ample about of parking. This isn’t something we typically talk about in articles, but if you live in Oakley, hang out in Oakley, or ever visit Oakley you know that parking can be scarce. Sleepy Bee parking on a Sunday? Forget about it. So, the numerous out-front parking spots at Body Alive is a huge plus. 






I took Holli’s class hot power yoga class on a Thursday afternoon at 4PM. Holli was subbing in for Bobby. The class was full with about 30 people. Disclaimer, I’m really bad at estimating. Anyway, the room was full. I was one of the last to enter so I real nice spot, front and center.  Like any power yoga class it was physically challenging. The temp. was set at 104 with 40% humidity, so real toasty. Body Alive describes it as a class where you are, “guaranteed to sweat.” Correct. There were five complete newbies in the class I took and Holli did a good job at providing modifications and instructions. Also, her playlist was fire. I love instructors who play Drake during yoga. 




One of the aspects that differs Body Alive from other studios in Cincinnati is the extensive number of class offerings. The schedule is packed. Aside from yoga, Body Alive offers spinning, cardio, bounce, Pilates, and barre classes. The Oakley location doesn’t have spinning bikes but it offers all of the other class formats. Also, the studio does at least two free or discounted community classes a week which is a great way to try out the studio and different classes. 


The studio is also really into community partnerships. If you’re a Body Alive member you get a plethora of discounts at other local businesses including one of our favorites, Outfit Active . Other deals include 10% off Rooted and 10% off services at Mitchell's (these are good every time you visit).


Body Alive might be good for you if you’re looking for variety in class formats and times. Also, of course you’ll also enjoy Body Alive if you’re a 90 year old grandma like me who talks about parking. 

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