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August 28, 2019

The first thing I noticed about Jason Friedman was his dedication to CBD education. When I first walked into his shop, Ohio CBD Guy, in Covington (we’ll get to the location/name discrepancy in a second) he was just finishing up with a customer about my Dad’s age. Jason was carefully explaining the dosage details and I was surprised when he finished by providing the customer with his cell so he could text with questions and progress over the next few days. Impressive customer service. 



Jason first opened his store in a kiosk at Kenwood Mall in July of 2018. He had to move when Ohio decided to lump CBD in with medical marijuana stating that it only be sold at various state approved dispensaries. This didn't deter Jason and he moved his shop right across the river to Covington. 


Jason started his career in medical device sales and was there for eighteen years. He’d been a cannabis supporter since he was young, but it wasn’t until he tried the hemp version that he actually found consistent relief for anxiety, stress, and sleep.  Note: Hemp and Marijuana are both Cannabis. Hemp is rich in CBD and has trace amounts of the other cannabinoids including THC up to 0.3% which is the legal limit. Marijuana has higher amounts of THC and smaller amounts of CBD and can be intoxicating in certain amounts.



After repeated CBD use Jason found enough relief to discontinue his prescribed anti anxiety medication. Additionally, his wife was able to stop taking a prescription she had being using for pain. These results peaked Jason’s interest and he became a self studier of what is called the endocannabinoid system which is the part of our nervous system that regulates how our bodies respond to pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, sleep, memory, appetite, fertility, addictive behaviors, and so many other things.


Jason’s goals are to help people understand the benefits of CBD, how it differs from marijuana, how to use CBD effectively, and to provide people with an in person source for education and purchasing. Jason doesn’t want you to just use CBD, he wants you to understand why you’re using it, how you’re using it, and what’s happening in your body when you’re using it.  It can be intimidating or overwhelming to buy a new ingestiable product online instead of from a person. Jason gets that.  I highly recommend checking out his store if you’re trying CBD for the first time, looking for quality local products, and/or are just curious to learn more. 



I admitted to Jason that while Molly has found great benefit from CBD, I haven't really noticed that large of an impact when using it in the past. Jason said that I probably wasn’t taking enough. He explained that the dosage is really different for everyone and it’s not necessarily based on gender, age, or size. So, I think (this is my own personal analogy not Jason’s) it’s kind of like how some of your 90 pound female friends can drink a bottle of wine and be normal and one of your 250 pound male pals is tipsy after one beer. Our bodies are all different. Anyway, Jason told me to go home and take twice the amount I was taking for five days and I did really notice a difference from before. I just felt more calm and even. 


The day I met Jason was a good one. It was the day after Dewine signed a bill making all hemp legal for sale again in the state of Ohio. Jason had just been on the Bill Cunningham show the day before and people were literally buying him out of stock. Good news for us on this side of the bridge is that this means he’ll be back in Ohio very soon. Check out more here. 

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