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Are you doing just to do? Find strategy with Christine B.

August 9, 2019

A lot of times when I have a big problem or decision to make I ruminate about it my mind. I think about all the possible solutions and outcomes and, obviously, all the potential landmines. After hours of driving myself crazy, I’ll bring the said problem to a friend or my husband in an exasperated heap of uncertainty. That person, not engrossed in the problem like me, will usually bring a new perspective, a fresh set of eyes. And, it is with this new perceptive that I often find the answer, choose my decision, or at least think about the problem in a completely different way than I had before.


While my friends and my hubs are great problem solvers and sounding boards, sometimes it’s nice to have a professional, completely unbiased, perspective. 



I was introduced to Christine Bunnell through Leslie Hershberger. We featured Leslie and her enneagram work here. Christine is a business coach who is especially passionate about working with women to find their true passions. For over a decade, Christine worked for global creative agencies, partnering with some of the biggest brands in the world while at the same time raising a daughter as a single Mom. Badass. Despite great professional success, Christine felt burnt out. As she puts it, “unknowingly, I was exhausted from a need to prove myself and disconnected from the things that mattered most.” She decided it was time to make a change. 


After moving back to Cincinnati, Christine spent dedicated time doing the hard, internal work. She realized that she had been RUSHING non-stop through life. She discovered for herself that, “doing less isn’t about living less, it’s about taking the time needed to discover what’s most important, so you can prioritize THAT.”  Amen, sister. After recognizing this need within her own life and making personal changes, Christine started working with clients as a coach. Christine strives to help individuals and groups work smarter not harder. She wants you to do less while being more productive and ultimately living a happier and healthier life. Interested. 


I met with Christine at Red Tree in Oakley to get a taste of what working with her is like. Christine asked me for a specific business problem or challenge I was currently addressing. I didn’t have a specific problem to solve so instead we talked more globally about the work I’m doing. In the hour conversation that we had, Christine was able to help me identify what I’m most passionate about right now when it comes to my many roles and had me thinking about transition plans for some of the work that I’m less passionate about.


There are a lot of moving parts in my life right now professionally and Christine was quick to understand all these parts in a short amount of time and provide thoughtful, strategic advice on the spot. I also loved that Christine has been through some shit. She’s smart and successful, and she’s also empathetic. She gets it. 



Christine’s coaching philosophy is based on creating a strategy. Christine wants you to have a personal and professional life strategy. As she puts it, “a strategy isn't just a plan, it's an informed plan that tackles the what, the how, but more importantly the why. It looks at the desired outcome and holistically considers the best possible paths to get there, leveraging a unique value that no one else can claim.” But as Christine told me, most of us are SO busy that we don’t slow down long enough to figure our life strategy. We’re doing just to do. We’re checking the things off the list and crossing off appointments on the calendar. We’re mindlessly moving through the motions of doing without actual intentionality behind the doing.  


And, because we live in a society that is used to doing, doing, doing (and not being) it can difficult to slow down, get focused, and hone in on what this life strategy should be. That’s where Christine can help. There are a number of ways to work with her. You can do one-on-one coaching, group coaching, or a specific one-day strategic session. The one-on-one coaching program is 12 weeks in order to create lasting change. Fun tidbit from Christine’s website, research shows that it takes anywhere from 66 to 90 days to create changes that stick. 


If you really want to get clear on where you’re headed, are feeling overwhelmed but can’t find the time to slow down, are going through motions of life or work without true connection, or finding yourself saying “yes” when you really want to say “no,” Christine’s coaching programs may be a good fit for you. Learn more here. 

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