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Tips on Movement From The Reds' Chiropractor of Choice, Dr. Nick Rohlfs

August 1, 2019

Dr. Rohlfs came recommended to us about 17 times before we actually had the opportunity to sit down with him. He’s a chiropractor at Rohlf’s Chiropractic Care, which was founded by his dad, Michael, back in 1988 and is now integrated in Beacon Orthopaedics. He joined his dad’s practice back in 2015 after attending chiropractic school at National University of Health Sciences following his 4 years playing baseball at the University of Cincinnati. This background baseball was very fitting-- his dad has been the chiropractor for the Reds for over 30 years, so Nick has truly grown up with the organization.


The biggest misconception that I had leading up to this meeting was that, since they are on staff with the Reds, they must not be taking new patients. Wrong. But, it does allow for them to specialize in sports medicine. They work with a ton of high school teams, such as Moeller, Kings, and Wyoming. 


I think it speaks wonders about a chiropractor that works with athletes in that they know how to not only quickly recognize issues (if you’ve ever injured yourself playing a sport, you know how crazy it is when the doc jumps in and diagnoses you within 30 seconds of assessing you). They also know that, for professional athletes, time is money. So it’s essential to get the athlete back to tip-top shape in the shortest amount of time possible. 


Doc Rohlfs did share with us that it’s just as beneficial for him to work with athletes in that they are MOTIVATED patients. Meaning, he gives them exercises to do at home 2 times a day, they are literally following it to a T (and maybe even doing it and extra time or two for good measure). He uses myofascial release techniques, Active Release Technique and is certified in dry needling. Dr. Rohlfs is also certified in Titleist Performance Institute, so he can help golfers improve their mobility and strengthen their game.

 Knowing that he works with all these stud athletes, we decided to throw a curveball and ask him about women’s health, and how us non-professional athletes can prevent issues.  First and foremost, he suggested maintaining a good strengthening program, and to find time in your day, regardless of how hectic it is, to move your body. He also suggested drinking a TON of water throughout the day, not just because it’s good for you, but also because it forces you to stand up from your desk and go to the restroom more. Genius. 


All in all, his practice is always looking for clients that are motivated to change, and are willing to put in the work. What you’ll get is top-notch care from one of the most reputable chiropractors in the city (and a story or two about what goes on behind the schenes at Great American Ballpark).


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