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Active Lifestyles Need Absolute Kinetics: Physical Therapy To Recover AND Prevent

July 7, 2019

I've been in physical therapy quite a few times in my life. In totality, I've worked with a physical therapist for a total of somewhere between three and four years. Those times were all injury-related and the goal was to heal my body and get back to functioning. But, recently (knock on wood) I've been injury free and more so interested in work with a physical therapist as preventative. Our CSOB intern Jaime recently introduced us to Alexis Hutchison, a PT, DPT who owns Absolute Kinetics and we got to chat with her about physical therapy from a supportive, preventative perspective. 


 Alexis started Absolute Kinetics with the goal of helping people heal to an even greater extent than she was able to provide in the clinical setting. She has experience working in acute care, inpatient rehabilitation, and outpatient orthopedics. Now, Alexis works with both post-operative patients and active adults and athletes who want to be active and stay active. Alexis helps individuals decrease pain and maximize their ability to participate in the activities they love. She also works with clients who are extremely active and want to learn techniques to decrease their risk for injury.


Alexis explained that most people think of physical therapists as health professionals who help only those who are injured. Alexis herself  became interested in the physical thearpy in high school after tearing her ACL. While she does help clients recover from injury, she also helps individuals just feel their best in their yoga practice, learn how to prevent injury, or achieve optimal physical performance. 



Alexis also explained that all treatment is completely individualized, and she works hard to truly listen to her clients and uncover the root of the problem they are dealing with. Everyone is different, every injury is different, and everyone has unique goals. Alexis works to develop a personalized treatment plan with all of her clients, and she is certified in dry needling, IASTM, cupping, and vestibular and balance therapy. While not everyone needs these treatments, Alexis’s wide range of expertise allows her to cater to a wide variety of needs.


When asked, Alexis said the most common injuries she sees are:

1) runners with impact injuries such as foot, knee, and hip pain,

2) individuals of all activity levels with back pain and, 

3) individuals who work at a desk and experience headaches or neck pain.


Alexis hosts workshops on these three areas and more, and we're working to get one set up for our CSOB Insiders. 


I asked Alexis why her treatment style is unique and she told me, "People are complex, and exercise in any capacity requires the recruitment of all systems. I treat beyond the area of pain. I look at how the body is moving as a whole and how all joints and muscles are working together, and also the neurological system. I work with patients to train all of these systems together to maximize performance and build a sense of safety with movement when an individual has been dealing with pain. I also spend a full hour with our patients one-on-one, so they are able to get the most out of their treatment sessions. This typically allows patients to get what they need out of physical therapy in less sessions compared to the traditional PT model."





Alexis currently sees clients inside of PT Plus and inside The Body Shop Fitness. Besides 1:1 sessions, she also hosts workshops which you can find on her website here. You can also check out the Absolute Kinetics blog and Instagram account for a ton of useful tips and tricks! 


We’d all like to feel stronger, smarter, and more confident in our fitness routines; let Alexis help get you there!


If you are also looking for more ways to connect with new people and places of fitness, please consider becoming a Cincy State of Being insider, your guide to all things health and fitness in Cincinnati!


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