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Everything, And We Mean Everything, Packed Under One Roof

June 23, 2019

Fit Philiosphie is a one-room, boutique fitness studio in Kentucky run by Jennifer Lynn. Yes, Jennifer also runs SoundOff which we wrote about here. This serial entrepreneur can be found all across Greater Cincinnati hosting classes at all the best locations (think breweries and rooftop patios) in collaboration with all the best local studios. Seriously, I actually don't know when she has time to sleep. Molly and I have exclaimed more than one time, "Wow, she's everywhere doing everything." 



Which is why it shouldn't have surprised me what Jen has done with her own studio. Fit Philosophie may not have a lot of square feet, but Jen has managed to pack in ALL the equipment. Really. There are rowers, reformers, barres, TRX, Pilates chairs, springboards, jumpboards, blocks, bolsters, mats, and machines I don't know the names of but look fun and hard. I could go on.  And, the most impressive part is somehow Jen has arranged all of this equipment like a perfectly constructed puzzle. It's actually fun to watch. She quickly arranges and rearranges equipment to set up for over 14 different class formats. These classes include pilates, spinning options, boxing, yoga, Pound, TRX, and more. 





Jen's training is also extensive and diverse. The list is long. Check it out here. Proper training and expertise are extremely important to Jen and all of Fit Philiopshie's instructors also have very impressive resumes. Molly and I have both been to a handful of group fitness classes at Fit Philiosphie and what really stands out is the immense about of prep time these instructors put into creating unique, never duplicated class routines. It is clear that each exercise is intentional and part of the larger class purpose or theme. In addition, Fit Philosophie has instuctors on staff that are specifically specialized in prenatal, postnatal, scoliosis, osteoporosis, post-surgical, post-injury, injury prevention, and sports specific conditioning. Basically, clients are in good hands. 


While you can just drop in to group fitness classes, Fit Philiosphie really encourages new clients to also meet with one of their personal trainers to create a customized wellness plan. This plan might include individual personal training sessions, group fitness recommendations, and referrals to other modalities such as meditation or massage. Each plan is created to meet that individual client's goals. 



From a geographical perspective, Fit Philiopshie may be good for you if you're in the Kentucky or Downtown Areas. Although, I live in Norwood and it only takes me 15 minutes to get there. If you like variety in your weekly workouts and like both individual and small group workouts this may be your place. From our perspective, we love Fit Philiosphie because of the staff's dedication to constant learning in order to best support their clients.


Our favorite class is Sunday 10am, 90-min mash-up. The class includes a mash-up (hence the name) of different modalities including but not limited to TRX, pilates, spin, and rowing. Oh yeah, I comepletely forgot the studio also has rowers! Anyway, the 90-min mash-up is a great place to start if you want to experience a number of Fit Philiosphie's offerings in one class. Hit us up if you want to go together! 


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