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The GCGA: Introducing Golf To Cincinnati's Youth with Thirty Drink

May 13, 2019

Last weekend, Mer and I joined Thirty Drink at Sharon Woods Golf Course for a GCGA Juniors Golf Tournament. Established in 1905, the GCGA, aka Greater Cincinnati Golf Association, is a non-profit organization with the mission to promote interest and enthusiasm for golf in Cincinnati. They are responsible for introducing Cincinnati’s youth to the game of golf.


It’s pretty easy to think of the benefits of putting your kids into sports at a young age. It teaches them discipline, teamwork, positive attitude and behavior. If there was a scale or a spectrum of disciplined sports, I’m pretty confident that golf would be on the most extreme end, adding in patience, focus, and diligence.

 Our favorite local healthy sports drink, Thirty Drink, is sponsoring the GCGA this year, keeping kids and their parents hydrated while on the course. These kids are the cream of the crop. We showed up an hour before tee time to see them all practicing their putting and getting focused before they hit the links. We had the pleasure to chat with a few of the girls.

 Meet Sata, 4th grader at Kilgour Elementary. Sata started golfing 3 years ago and joined the GCGA league last year as a way to meet new friends, get outside, and improve her game. While sipping a lemon-lime Thirty, she told us that being healthy to her means staying hydrated and playing more golf.

 Adriana has been golfing for 8 years. She’s 11, so basically dad had a club in her hand shortly after she learned to walk. She’s a 5th grader at Springmeyer elementary and joined GCGA this year to meet new people and for a fun, interactive way to play improve her game. Oh, and she got a hole in one this year. No biggie. It was Adriana’s first time having Thirty Drink, and her dad’s response to us telling them it only has 7 grams of sugar was priceless: “Mom will love this!” Adriana’s response to us asking her what healthy means was pretty much perfection: “Healthy means treating your body nice”. Amen, Adriana!

 Then… we met Rowan. Rowan is 10 and is in the 5th grade at North Dearborn Elementary. She has been playing golf for 2 years and loves the sport. Aside from golf, she does CROSSFIT at River’s Edge to stay active. Future child goals.


Special thank you to Thirty Drink, the Healthy Sports Drink, for having us out to meet these amazing girls of the GCGA, and for supporting such an awesome organization. Those games get long, so these kids are fortunate to have Thirty to keep them focused and hydrated all summer long.


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