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How Am I Feeling, You Ask? Just Peachy

May 1, 2019

On my commute to and from work every day, I pass a happy little peach colored home on Montgomery Road. After driving by this vibrant home so many times, my curiosity finally got the best of me a few weeks ago, and I reached out to Peachy Seidan of “Peachy’s Health Smart” to meet the woman behind the brightly colored exterior.



Peachy’s Health Smart is a cooking school and sanctuary for health-minded people. As a Registered Dietitian and ?Nutritionist, Peachy Seidan has devoted her life to helping others plan and implement practical and achievable strategies to avoid health issues, and to promote health and wellness. She believes in helping others achieve their health goals without the use of, in her words, “harsh and impractical diet plans.” … I’m sure we can all name a slew of said diet plans, whether our friends are following them or the latest Instagram influencer has chosen to promote their new “lifestyle.” Peachy’s methods are practical, sustainable, and tailored to you. It’s no surprise she has had major success among her clients year after year.



Peachy doesn’t just provide nutrition recommendations through counseling, her methods are much more hands-on. Peachy loves to cook, and she uses her passion to fuel change and to spark motivation in her clients. Peachy explained that after becoming a Registered Dietitian, she began counseling patients, and soon, she was getting requests for cooking instruction.


Originally from the Phillipines, Peachy cooks with an Asian flair  using herbs to improve taste and also nutritional quality of her recipes. Her culinary and nutrition expertise combined are a recipe for success. (See what I did, there?) By getting her clients into the kitchen, she is able to show them that it is possible to make food that is not only good for you, but tastes goodtoo.


Peachy loves showing clients that they are capable of taking steps to manage and to improve their health. It is so easy to feel overwhelmed after receiving a scary medical diagnosis, or after being told by your physician to “just eat healthier” or to “drop a few pounds.” Peachy is helping clients sustain change through learning to truly enjoy cooking and prioritizing their health. Making healthier choices shifts from feeling like a daunting task to an enjoyable processunder Peachy’s guidance and instruction.




Peachy believes that health is the result of honoring our bodies and minds not only through nutrition, but also through physical movement. She teaches tai chi, yoga, and qi gong classes from her facility. Each practice is meant to improve mental focus and clarity, reduce stress, and promote healing. The body, mind, and spirit must come together in harmony to achieve true inner peace and health. By offering such a wide variety of classes and instruction, Peachy is able to guide her clients to health and healing.


It’s pretty clear that we could all learn a thing or two from Peachy. If you’re interested in one of the many classes she has to offer, check out her website here. She also offers private cooking classes, kids cooking classes, and guided grocery shopping. Follow Peachy on Instagram and find her on Facebook here.


If you are also looking for more ways to connect with new people and places of fitness.  Please consider becoming a Cincy State of Being insider. Your guide to all things health and fitness in Cincinnati!


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