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How A Health Coach Can Help You Heal: Meet Adriana Calderon

April 10, 2019

I’m a pretty sensitive person by nature. It’s not unusual for a commercial or a song to make me weepy, and I often find myself awe-inspired by peoples’ stories. When I met Adriana Calderon, I knew within the first few minutes of talking to her that her story was going to be one that left me bleary eyed and completely humbled.


Adriana is a transformational health coach, and she went through an enormous life transformation herself before choosing this path. Adriana has been through hell and back. Through her own experiences, she has channeled her energy into creating a business that helps women going through tough times to come out on top, just as she did.



Three years ago, Adriana thought that she had everything she could ever want or need. She had a stable job in accounting, a loving husband, and a little one just shy of his second birthday. Her world was turned upside down when she came home from work one day to find her husband unresponsive. Adriana became a young widow in the blink of an eye, and through her grieving, she realized she needed to find a new sense of peace and happiness.  She was looking to create her new “normal’.


Adriana was in search of a new passion and spark. Also around this time, her son began to have problems with allergies and food intolerances. As she found herself in and out of doctors offices with her son, her passion for health began to take root. Adriana realized that so much of our health begins with nutrition, and, well, the rest is history.


Adriana now focuses on helping women who have experienced loss. She says whether it be a divorce, a breakup, or loss of any type, you have to allow time to grieve. There is a point, however, when you want to get up and keep going, and this is where Adriana comes in to become a part of the support system that is so crucial to rebuild.


 Through virtual coaching and in-person group sessions, Adriana is helping women overcome depression and anxiety, and to gain their confidence and their lives back. Her areas of expertise include targeted nutrition counseling, meditation, weight training, and emotional healing techniques. These are all things that Adriana knows are vital to the healing process, because she has utilized these methods herself.


Get in touch with Adriana through her website here. She’s in the midst of launching new workshops and group sessions, so be sure to contact her in order to learn more about these and to reserve your spot! Find her on instagram here and Facebook here.


Let Adriana help you create a new life for yourself; there’s no better way to heal than to ask for help from someone who knows the intricacies of the healing process firsthand. You’ll be so glad you did.


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