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Sarah Jenkins of The Original Method: A Real, Honest Approach to Fitness and Nutrition.

November 29, 2018

“Your fitness journey should be something that enhances YOUR life and gets you to YOUR goals, not someone else’s.”


Words from the wise. AKA, Sarah Jenkins, owner of the newest boutique training studio in Pendleton, The Original Method.


Sarah was born and raised in Colorado (I had a huge “ah hah” moment when she told me that-- no wonder she’s so cool). Over the years she and her hubby moved from Colorado Springs, to NYC, to Cincinnati.  When they landed in Cincinnati they decided to open up CrossFit 513 United, downtown. The gym has taken off and is currently one of the most popular crossfit gyms in the area.


As a nutritionist and a fitness coach, Sarah is always searching for the BEST methods. Through this searching and learning, she came to the conclusion that there ISN’T a perfect one size fits all when it comes to fitness and nutrition.


Unfortunately, Sarah had to find a lot of this out the hard way. She has personally ridden the roller coaster of fitness and diet struggles. As a high school athlete, she developed an eating disorder. Post grad, she turned to a raw vegan diet, stripping down to a mere 104 pounds. Today, Sarah has identifies with and believes in a well balanced diet and lifestyle. She wants to live a long, healthy, happy, sustainable life and help others do the same.  


“My approach to fitness understands a universal need for humans to be mobile, stable, strong and happy. There are many avenues to get there so I work with people to find out what path is best for them.”


Sarah decided that while she loves crossfit, the workout itself isn’t necessarily for everyone. We love this because we agree that everyone needs to find the best workout for their body.  In response, Sarah decided to open up an additional space geared toward more customized workouts. And, The Original Method was born. At The Original Method, Sarah offers personal training, small group training, and nutrition services.


Sarah uses her vast life experience and knowledge to meet her clients where they are and develops custom plans that fits their lifestyle. Along with this customization comes the need for hands on coaching. The group training that Sarah offers at The Original Method is capped at 6 people so that she can provide individual attention to each person in the room to ensure that they are moving properly to get the most out of each exercise.


“I believe fitness should be based on scientific fact, yield sustainable results, and enhance your life.” Amen.


Sarah recognizes that although something might be working now doesn’t mean it’s going to keep working. Kinda like how your hair stylist tells you to switch up your shampoo and conditioner every so often it’s important to switch up your workout-- you know, the whole “muscle confusion” phenomena.


Because of this, at The Original Method, Sarah has built a small group class schedule with 4 different formats to keep you, and your muscles, from getting bored.


Her 4 formats consist of:


1. Strength:


As it states on her MindBody page: “Strength Training is incredibly important to enhancing human health. If you've ever said phrases such as the following, strength training is for you.

"My back hurts."

"I don't want to get bulky, I just want some definition."

"I want a booty."

"I'd like to lose some flab."

"I wish my metabolism was higher."

"Being a superhero would be nice."

"Picking up my kids is getting hard."

"I wish I had more energy."

"Living to 100 would be nice."

"The idea of an old folks home creeps me out and the thought of living in one depresses me."

"I wish my body reflected how badass I feel." "


2. Endurance:

Whether you are training for a marathon, are looking for increased energy, or wish you weren’t so out of breath after climbing the stairs, this class will help.


3. Longevity:

86% of Americans sit all day (called the ‘sitting disease”. It’s a real thing, y’all). Check out our article on that topic here.

The Original Method’s longevity class will help get you moving, working on mobility, stability, rehab and stretching to combat our poor habits.


4. Yoga:

Sarah states beautifully that “Yoga is breathing, moving, and meditating, with the purpose of connecting with ourselves. It has nothing to do with flexibility (that is overrated anyhow). This hour long class is designed for you to leave all your "to do's" at the door and focus on YOU for an hour. Yoga is a form of self-care and it's amazing how productive we become and the quality of work we do when we take care of ourselves FIRST. “


Training at The Original Method might be a good fit for you if:

  1. You get bored easily and want to constantly be challenged

  2. You are looking for a customized approach of fitness and nutrition

  3. You value coaching, training, and community.

Lastly, I should also mention that Sarah's sarcastic humor is seriously entertaining. Read up on her blog. You’re guaranteed to belly laugh, and to snag some bomb healthy recipes. My favorite post is a recent one  titled “My F*ck Ups”.


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