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Collective Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary: Simply Power Yoga

November 1, 2018

I visited Simply Power Yoga, which has two locations in Anderson and Loveland, for the first time a few weeks ago. I’m actually very embarrassed this was my first time to visit one of the studios. When I moved here 5 years ago I bopped around from studio to studio trying to find my home, and for some reason, Anderson seemed like Antartica to a non-local gal living in Oakley. Oh, and Loveland might as well have been Mars. I’ve learned a lot since then. As it turns out, surprise, Anderson is big and various parts are not far at all for us central dwellers. In actuality, it took me just under 15 minutes to get to Simply Power from my house, and I’m glad I went. 




The first thing I noticed when I walked in the door of Simply Power was the chill vibe. Yoga is a practice notorious for the tenet of nonjudgement; however, this isn't always exemplified in the yoga studios of the western world. When I walked into Simply Power I felt comfortable and welcomed. I was shown around the studio by our instructor, offered water, asked about my past yoga history and injuries, and shown where to find blocks and mats. These might seem like low bar tasks, but this hospitality isn’t always offered to studio newcomers. We’ve all that intimidating experience before somewhere new. Not at Simply Power. 


After settling in, I unrolled my mat and looked around. The studio is a long, simple space, with dimmed lights. This class was heated (95 degrees), but the studio also offers non heated classes. In fact, the studio offers a wide variety of classes. If you’re an athlete you might resonate with the power flow (it’s a workout folks) or the restoration flow for therapeutic reasons. If you’re new to yoga, check out the yoga 101 flow. I love when studios offer intro classes. It allows people to learn proper technique and learn foundational knowledge for the poses so they don’t get injured. It also allows people to ease into yoga. If you’re looking to de-stress and heal your body check out Simply Power’s yin offerings. Yin basically means relaxation. The studio also offers prenatal classes, barre, and sculpt classes. 




When researching for this article, I read Simply Power Yoga’s “about me” page on their website and I basically wanted to just copy and paste what they said into this article and call it a day. But, because I’m fairly certain that’s borderline plagiarism I’ll share just a few of my favorite snippets with my own thoughts. 


“Within the community of Simply Power Yoga, power is not about physical strength, a perfect practice or the advanced practice.  At Simply Power Yoga, power is meeting yourself where you are as a moment by moment experience in your body on your mat whatever that may be.”  




My first encounter with yoga was a small studio in New York City. The studio was small and dingy and full of characters. The poses looked different for everyone and throughout the class, the teacher kept reminding us there was no perfect posture, no perfect pose, no perfect body. As a competitive person I thought, ha, but, really the point must be to get these postures just right, perfect if you will. The more I practiced the more I realized that there really is no perfect practice, no perfect pose. I love that Simply Power preaches this and embodies this concept.  


“The teachers at Simply Power Yoga are ordinary people who are committed to making extraordinary things happen in the community.  They are committed to the growth of the community and to their own personal growth to be the best possible human being for every person who walks through the door.”




First of all, check out Simply Power’s team page. They may or may not have recruited these people off Project Runway. Models. Apparently, they’re also ordinary people. I think this statement exemplifies what I felt at Simply Power. This might not make sense, but I hope it does. When there I felt the humanistic qualities of everyone in the room. No one was better or worse than the other person whether they be in child’s pose or handstand. The teacher wasn’t on a pedestal, she was simply guiding. And the owner of the studio was in class listening to her own body, not pushing, sometimes opting out of more challenging postures to just be still for a moment. And in that collective ordinary, it felt a bit extraordinary. 


After class, I chatted with Bridget, the owner of the Anderson studio. We agreed that yoga is for everybody, but not every yoga practice is the same. Find your studio. Find your class. Find your teacher. The class I took was a 95 minute heated power class meaning there was a lot of physical movement, chaturangas (push-ups essentially), and more challenging postures. As mentioned though, the studio has a lot of offerings. Call over and ask what they recommend for you for your needs. They’ll steer you to the right class. 


You might like this studio if you like a down to earth vibe, want a variety of options, enjoy getting to know people in class with you, like giving back (Simply Power's outreach could be a whole separate article), and like both heated and non-heated classes. This studio is great for both those that are new to yoga and experienced yogis. Also, only $30 for your first 30 days. 


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