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Building Strong Glutes and Friendships: Mel B. Fit

October 25, 2018

Some may know her as Mel B. Or @MelB.Fit. Or Mel Bear. Or that stunningly gorgeous fitness instructor that teaches Barrelates at The LB. Her actual name is Melody Bayer, and she is a force to be reckoned with in the Cincinnati fitness community.


Mel teaches Barrelates, a fusion of Barre and Pilates, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at The LB in Rookwood.  Her class is a full body strength and cardio workout, with a focus on core. Mel uses props such as gliders, free weights, and resistance bands to perform exercises that fully exhaust your muscles, and guarantee to leave you sore the next day (in the best way). 


We’ve been crushing on Mel for months now, and wanted to learn a bit more about this gal and what makes her tick. 


Like most fitness professionals, Mel was an athlete her whole life. When the real world hit, she was drawn to group fitness because of the team-like aspect. She missed the camaraderie that came with being on a team, and having fun while being active. When she found barre, she was immediately hooked by the incredible full body workout she was able to get in under an hour, and the connections formed within the studio. One year later, she received her certification and began teaching. 


Her class is so much more than just a workout. Yes, her #1 reason for doing what she does its to help her clients grow stronger and stronger with every class, but she also loves (and can probably credit attendance to) the friendships that are formed within the walls of her class and extend into the outside world. 


Every time I run into Mel, she is a ball of energy. One of my most burning questions was how she keeps her energy and motivation up after working all day then rushing to the studio to teach. Her response? Not a shocker. Her clients.  In Mel’s words, “ there is nothing better than having a long day at work then coming into the LB to teach a butt kicking class AND my clients actually enjoying it. It is the most rewarding feeling. I truly feel like this  is what I was always meant to do! I can honestly say I have never taught a class and left not feeling great afterwards.”



So, who is Mel’s Barrelates class a good fit for? “Anyone who is willing to put in the effort with a good attitude”. We’ve all heard it (and we’ve all probably said it): “I’m not in good enough shape” for that type of workout. I totally get it. Group fitness classes can be intimidating. Despite the intensity of this workout, Mel shows modifications for everything.  Since all exercises are taken at your own pace, you can slow down, take breaks, and jump back in when you are ready (I did this like 10 times my first class). In Mel’s words, “you will shock yourself on what your body can do if you give it a chance”. 


When you take Mel’s class, expect to sweat alongside 20 of your new BFFs (because the friendships formed within class are real), laugh as your muscles SHAKE during isometric (static) holds, and to need to take a rest day, go for a long walk, or take a gentle yoga flow class the next day (no, really). 


If you aren’t following @MelB.Fit on Instagram, hop on over there and give her a follow— talk about fitspiration. Not only does she post about upcoming classes and events that she is hosting, she also fancies herself a (healthy) food and posts meal recipes that look amazing on her blog "A Drizzle Of EVOO".


Your first class is free, so come try our Barrelates with MelB- Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm, and Saturdays at 9:45am. PLUS The LB Is offering everyone who reads this a 10 pack of classes for $99 (regularly $129). Just submit a form on their contact us page here and mention Mel B’s CincyStateOfBeing article. 

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