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IV Hydration is hitting Cincinnati

October 7, 2018

My friend Maggie, who is a doctor, and I used to joke that her wedding gift to me would be IV hydration on my wedding morning. Her plan was to steal some bags of saline and some needles from the hospital and hook me up with intravenous fluids post-rehearsal dinner vino and pre-wedding day extravaganza. We had this conversation Maggie’s first year of med school, quite a few years ago, and way before I met my now husband. Thankfully for Maggie’s medical license, since that time, actually legal, certified concierge IV services have become all the rage. Such services use methods proven in the emergency room for dehydration and such without the cost or the wait time, and on demand, oftentimes in your home. Rest assured these services have to be performed by certified medical professionals, and overseen by a medical director.


These brick and mortar and concierge IV services first popped up in party cities like Miami Beach and NYC. And now, they're making their way to the midwest. I, Mer, first tried this out in Columbus at my one of my besties’ brothers company, Hydrate Me. We went on a Saturday am, not hungover, and not tired, but during the dead of winter, aka the dreaded flu season and cold season. We got an immunity booster cocktail, and no joke I felt GREAT after. Overall, I felt more energized and refreshed. That was about a year ago, and to my knowledge there was nothing of the sort in Cincy.






So, I was excited when Anita with IV Hydration contacted me about her new, local company.  Molly is terrified, I repeat terrified of needles, so this experiment was all me. Molly wouldn't even come to take pictures. Anita and I scheduled a Saturday for her to come to my house. She told me to drink too much wine the night before. Best assignment ever. We went to a friends house, I consumed vino, and I woke up at 7 not feeling my best. Anita arrived shortly after. She brought all of her own supplies and was super outgoing and friendly. It felt normal to have her in my house, like she was my friend. She quickly, and honestly painlessly, hooked me up to an IV and got some fluids pumping. While the fluids entered my body (which takes about 20-30 min on average) we chatted, and here is what I learned.



Water is actually absorbed in the lower gastrointestinal tract, specifically the large intestine. So it can take several hours after drinking water before your body starts to benefit which means it can take quite a few hours to help your body recover post marathon or post bacholertee party.  With IV fluids the fluids go directly into your bloodstream. So basically, you feel better faster. In addtion to hydrating saline, Anita’s hangover cocktail includes meds for headaches and nausea. Afterward I really did feel better. Basically, I would have had a headache all day and felt tired and I didn't. I felt great and went to hot yoga! Clearly hanogvers aren't the ideal, but if you're doing a bachelorette party or big weekend this might be just the ticket for you on Sunday AM. 


In addition to hangover cures, Anita Anita offers cocktails specific to athletes pre or post performace and for conditions like migranes. To see an exhaustive list of Anita's offerings click here. Some of her other cocktails include vairous vitamins.  Anita explained, that when medications and vitamins are taken by mouth, only about 25% is actually absorbed and able to be used by the body, but when injected through IV the bioavailability of vitamins is 100%. Anita is also a nurse at Children’s so she knows what's up. For example, Anita used a butterfly needle on me (what they use for infants) which hurts less. Thank you, friend. Check her out here. 

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