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Drenched In Sweat In 30 Minutes Or Less: Carter Fitness

August 9, 2018

I’m all about efficiency. I love the phrase, “biggest bang for your buck.” And I’m all about getting more done in less time. So, when Molly and I started hearing about Carter Fitness’s metabolic class that took just 30-min to reach optimal exhaustion levels, I was was interested.


Carter Fitness opened in March 2014 by local Jimmy Carter. Jimmy graduated from Ohio State with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise and Leisure. He started personal training out of school, fell in love with the work, and decided to open his own spot. He began with a small space out by Lunken Airport, and then 14 months later moved into the large warehouse turned physical activity playground Carter Fitness operates out of today. 



Carter offers a number of options for clients including one-on-one personal training, semi-private class (2-3 people), group training (8-12 people), and their 30-min metabolic class which they call "Fit AF".  If you are into this cardio intense class, you can purchase drop-in classes, or snag an unlimited month to month pass. However, Jimmy and his staff always recommend that individuals also incorporate strength training with the Fit AF class whether at Carter or on your own. 


We popped in to try a Fit AF class one beautiful morning at 5-something-am. Early, but worth it. The class started with a warm-up, and then we jumped into a circuit of sleds, rowers, bikes, arm skiers (our first time trying these), and sprints. It was quick, it was hard, and we left drenched in sweat. I liked the class for it’s efficiency, the slight competitive push to keep up with those in your group, and the variety of exercises.  The class changes daily. Other exercises might include Carter's resistance treadmills or tank sleds (sleds on wheels, which we’re going back to try). The class is designed to increased your metabolic heart rate and burn fat—your cardio fix. But, as I mentioned, Jimmy stresses that strength training is also crucial for a healthy bod. 



We sat down with Jimmy over coffee a few days after our workout to chat. He explained, “Strength training is crucial for life. If you want to stay healthy, do what you want to do outside of the real world, and be able to lift your kid, you have to strength train.”  We agreed admitting our cardio-only elliptical phase back in college. Jimmy went on, “Cardio or running doesn’t correlate over to strength training. If you’re a big runner, you don’t necessarily see muscle gain. But if you have strong muscles you can run if you need to.” 


If you’re new to strength training Jimmy recommends starting slow, and setting baby milestones. That’s what he does with his client base.  He works with a lot of women (but men are more than welcome and encouraged) who he helps overcome any fear around weight lifting. As a result, he’s formed a fun community of clients that know each other, and support each other in the gym. 


If you’re interested in an initial session with Jimmy, you can expect to start with a movement assessment. Then he’ll take body measurements to get body fat percentages and muscle mass. Like us, Jimmy believes people need to get outside of thinking just about the scale. He doesn’t focus too much on weight loss gains, but instead on increasing muscles mass and decreasing body fat.  


If you’re looking for individualized training, a hard cardio workout, or a full service health revamp, you should give Carter Fitness a try. 

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