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Chill Zone Cryo: Cincinnati’s One Stop Shop for Recovery

August 8, 2018

Charles and Lesa are parents that, like most, would do anything to help their child live a healthy life. When their daughter was diagnosed with a chronic lymphatic disorder called lymphedema, it became their life’s mission to research and find way for her to deal with her symptoms holistically. Studying, traveling to conferences and seminars, and seeking constant medical advice, they discovered cryotherapy. She saw such great benefit from this treatment that Charles and Lesa decided to invest in the system. With time, they discovered more and more treatments, and found the benefits were extensive.


After they searched high and low for coping mechanisms and treatments to help their daughter’s lymphedema, they decided to open up Chill Zone Cryo so that they could deliver these treatments to others needing recovery relief.


You may have read our previous post on cryotherapy, which boasts the ability to trick your body into hypothermia, causing the blood to rush to your heart, then flow fresh blood into your extremities. Cryo is proven to help with muscle repair and recovery, as well as promote collagen, reduce wrinkles and inflammation. So, walking into Chill Zone Cryo, we thought we half knew what to expect. We had it all wrong. Don’t let the name fool you- they offer so much more than cryotherapy.


Their offerings deal with cell and muscle recovery, but there are so many that we decided to break up the posts so that we could hone in on each service in depth. I’ll be breaking down two of the treatments: the NanoVi, and the Touchless Cool Facial.



This little breathing machine isn’t just a breathing tank. This thing has super powers. Think I’m exaggerating? Picture this. You are a teenager on the swim team. You come in, sit and breathe on the NanoVI for 30 minutes for 4 days in one week, then that weekend you shave 7 SECONDS off your freestyle. This is a real life example.


The secret behind the NanoVI is improving cellular activity, which helps you respond to oxidative stress damage. This little machine maximizes vitality, helps in illness recovery and prevention, and optimizes performance.


Whether your goal is to maximize vitality, address an illness, or optimize performance, improving cellular activity is essential. Most importantly, improved cellular activity helps you respond to oxidative stress damage.


Here are the three most common reasons that people seek NanoVI treatment:


Sports Performance


Both Bengals and Cincinnati Dutch Lions players alike visit Chill Zone Cryo to sit on this machine, as it’s one of the most advanced ways for athletes to optimize their performance. Here are some of the benefits seen from using this machine before, during, and after a workout:

  • Produce less lactic acid in muscles

  • Generate more cell energy

  • Exhale less unused oxygen

  • Reduce their resting heart rate

  • Experience faster heart rate recovery


The science: when you’re putting yourself through a rigorous workout, you are metabolizing more oxygen than normal, which leads to oxidative stress brought on by free radicals (also known as reactive oxygen species or ROS). This stress damages your cell’s functionality, causing cellular activity to decline, which causes your cells to age faster (my 30 year old self just got scared).

This little breathing machine helps your cells address that damage, aiding in their rejuvenation, which helps athletes train at their peak performance.  


Both Mer and I sat and breathed on the machine for 30 minutes. I will say that the night before, I barely got any sleep, and Mer literally just came from the airport (her carry on bag in hand). Both of us felt a jolt of energy after. I went on to take a class at Cyclebar and expected to be at the top of the leaderboard. I wasn’t. But I can definitely see how if you went regularly, you would start seeing more positive benefits in your training.


Wellness and Healthy Aging


Surprise surprise, age is also a factor for slowing cellular activity. Which is why the NanoVI is also seen as a great way to help with overall wellness and healthy aging. Cellular activity is known to start declining when you’re in your 30’s (opens amazon, searches for personal NanoVI machine). To pull a quote from their website by Dr. Susan Smith Jones, who is the leading voice for anti-aging,  Eng3’s NanoVi device is “the only known method of significantly increasing oxygen utilization, without introducing extra oxygen to the body.”


Prevent and address illness


So,  it makes you a stronger athlete, and is helping us slow the process of aging.  BUT WAIT, there’s more!


It also can help prevent and address illness. This diminishing cellular function is also a cause, and an effect, of chronic illness. So, it’s super important to prevent, or break any downward health spirals associated with oxidative stress.

Improving the body’s response to oxidative stress can cause the following benefits:

  • Protection against and repair of free radical damage

  • Stronger immunity

  • Improved utilization of oxygen and nutrients

  • Improved cell energy production

  • Improved cell metabolism


To learn more about the NanoVi, or to schedule a session, click here.

Cryoelephant Touchless Cool Facial


The next service we received was a touchless cool facial using the cryoelephant machine. Imagine the -200 degree air from cryo blowing from a hose onto your face and neck in a strategic motion. That’s what this was. By shocking your skin with the negative temperature air, it causes new blood to flow into your face, which in turn boosts collagen production and cell repair, temporarily giving you a boosted complexion and fullness like the movie stars. Actually, word is that stars get this done before the red carpet! So the next time you have a big event to go to, consider adding this to your beauty routine the day of or day prior.


The majority of this information can be found on the Chill Zone Cryo website, which is an amazing resource. If you are interested in learning more in depth, I suggest you go there.


More to come on the rest of their services in a later post!


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