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Our Go-To Local Restaurants For A Solid Salad... as a Meal.

August 3, 2018

There is something unexplainable about a fresh salad on a hot summer day. Some may consider salads to be the stereotypical healthy food which never leaves them feeling full and satisfied, yet with the right toppings and ingredients, salads can turn into some of the best meals. This week, we are highlighting two Cincinnati restaurants where their salads are our favorite dishes.



On a hot summer day, crisp fall day, cold winter day, warm spring day (you get the point…) my favorite place to get a salad is Dilly Deli, also called Dilly Bistro, in Mariemont. No matter what time of year, Dilly Bistro serves some of the best salads in Cincinnati. My “go to” is the Grilled Shrimp & Asparagus salad, which has been popular for years. The salad has artisan greens tossed with feta and pine nuts. It is topped with grilled shrimp and asparagus, and served with honey mustard vinaigrette. Not crazy about honey mustard? You can choose from any of Dilly’s nine homemade dressings. This salad never disappoints and always leaves me feeling full and super healthy :)



Another delicious salad is the Mariemont Strand - artisan greens tossed with goat cheese, apples, roasted red peppers, toasted pecans, and curry vinaigrette. Again, this salad is delicious and is the perfect amount of food to leave me feeling satisfied.


The final salad that I’m going to highlight is the Summer Salad. I ordered it for the first time last week and it seriously has been on my mind ever since - it is INCREDIBLE! The spinach in the Summer Salad is topped with avocado, strawberry, oranges, feta, pecans and is tossed with balsamic vinaigrette. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! It tasted so refreshing and it was the perfect balance of sweet and savory. I’ve tried making it at home using the same ingredients, but it just doesn’t have the special touch of this cute and historic Mariemont staple.


Not in the mood for a salad? Dilly has many other healthy options, such as their hummus plate. This plate is served with house-made hummus, pita, basil pesto, cucumber, feta, and marinated olives. This would be a great dish to share before ordering one of their amazing salads.


Next time you’re craving the perfect salad - no matter what season or time of day - try Dilly Bistro!



Many restaurants try and cater to a variety of people by having healthy options as well as the typical burger and fries. One of my favorite restaurants called Taste of Belgium located in Rookwood, OTR, and at the Banks, can sometimes deter people away because it seems like it only has beer and waffles. That is far from the only dishes Taste of Belgium has to offer.


While they do have a wide selection of beer, waffles, crepes, and burgers, my favorite dishes on the menu are their salads. My personal favorite is the pea salad. It has a mix of arugula and cabbage, topped with peas, potatoes, mint, and a sunny-side egg. It is extremely light and fresh, but leaves me feeling full for the rest of the day. Want to add a little extra protein? Add flank steak, chicken, or salmon to create the perfect salad!



I personally love the banana and nutella crepe, but after having the pea salad, it made the decision of ordering a healthy salad SO much easier. Trust me, once you try their salads, the thought of ordering a waffle and fries will just poof from your mind.


My mom’s favorite salad is the harvest salad. It is fresh and fruity and perfect for a summer day in the Queen City. It consists of fresh spring mix with sweet potatoes, nuts, dried cherries, juicy apples, and topped with a pomegranate vinaigrette.



Every time I think about the salads at Taste of Belgium, my mouth begins to water (I just texted Anna about how much I want the pea salad right now because I’m craving it so much). I personally believe that it is important to remember that there are healthy options at restaurants that might not be considered the healthiest restaurants in town. Like Anna and I mentioned before, it all depends on the toppings and ingredients you choose. Next time you are walking around Rookwood, the Banks, or OTR, check out Taste of Belgium’s selection of delicious salads for a healthy lunch option!



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