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What the F*t!? Fitness, Stories, and Humor.

July 6, 2018

Podcasts, the ultimate commuter companion, have seriously taken off in the past few years. My work commute is short so I’m not a big podcast in the car gal. I prefer to use those few short minutes to jam out to Van Morrison Spotify station, but I love a good podcast listen while cleaning or when going for a long run. And, whenever I have a longer drive like visiting my people in Columbus it's great to listen to some intellectually stimulating or comedic fodder, all hands-free.


One of my favorite podcasts is THE LADYGANG where a female trio interviews celebs on life in the spotlight.  It’s raw, hilarious, and real. So, I was pretty excited when Mol told me about two Cincinnati gals launching a podcast with a similar feel but focused on local fitness.




Meet Krissy and Andi--a refreshingly unfiltered female duo that enjoys pairing workouts and wine hangouts maybe as much as we do. Today, July 6th, the pair is launching What The F*t?!, a podcast that is in their own words, “about what it means to be fit-whatever the fuck that means.” We met up with Andi at Coffee Emporium last week to hear more about their new endeavor.


Each What the F*t?! episode will focus on a different Cincinnatian who is passionate about fitness. When Andi asked if we had any recommendations for interviews Molly and I couldn’t stop listing our favs. Expect calls. While the common thread between all interviewees will be the love of fitness, the series will focus on so much more than just how to do a proper burpee. Andi told us we can expect personal stories served up in a conversational manner with a side of humor.


Andi told us they while they won’t have standard questions for interviewees, they do plan to end every episode with the same singular question. “What does being fit mean to you?” Andi asked what our responses would be. Molly said being fit brings her mental wellness and sanity. I agreed and added that we both love fitness because of the people we meet, the connections we make, and the community we’re a part of. Andi agreed 100%. Fitness is actually the genesis of her friendship with Krissy.




These two friends turned business partners met while working at Cyclebar. They discovered a shared passion for physical fitness and hanging out with cool people. Turns out it’s been a long time dream of Krissy’s to start a podcast. It says on her Instagram she got the idea in the bathtub at age 6. Tune into their first episode to learn more on that story.  One day, Krissy slid into Andi’s DM on Instagram and suggested the pair combine their shared passions and start interviewing cool people about fitness. Andi, who has a serious go-getter personality, said let’s do it and they hit the ground running.


Tomorrow they’ll release the first two episodes of What The F*t?!, and they’ll continue to release two new episodes every two weeks moving forward. They'll be on Itunes soon where you can subscribe. In the meantime find them on Soundcloud, and learn more on their website. The first two episodes will feature Gabby Williams, with SWT Fitness, and Ziad Razzak from Cyclebar. Both have inspirational stories that we’re confident will make for impactful interviews you won’t want to miss.  


Of course, we had to inquire about the pair’s own favorite podcasts.  Andi likes Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard and Krissy recommends The Joe Rogan Experience 


The opening launch party for What The F*t?! Is tonight at Mecca. Come check em out, and be sure to give these gals a listen and let us know what you think!


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