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The new workout Cincinnatians are calling the hardest cardio workout they've had in years.

June 28, 2018

After just a few months of teaching in Cincinnati Jessica Evans with Dance Factory Fitness already has a following. This fanbase has no qualms expressing love for Jess all over social media. 


“The hardest cardio workout I’ve had in years.” 


“You forget you’re actually working out.” 


“Highly addicting!!”


“It was AMAZING & I was sweating everywhere!” 


After taking Jess’s class a few weeks ago, Molly and I are jumping on the bandwagon. 



Jess is a recent transplant from New York City where she graduated from Marymount Manhattan College with a degree in dance.  She moved on to dancing professionally and traveled the world showing off her moves. After retiring from the professional dance scene, Jess searched for something fun to keep her in shape. She discovered dance cardio, a workout full of dance-inspired moves designed to burn calories while having fun. Jess fell in love and was soon teaching at New York’s top dance cardio studio, 305 Fitness. She became a fixture, and her classes attracted big-name regulars including Barbara Bush and Ashley Olson, and a plethora of Victoria’s Secret models. In case you’re wondering, I asked. Barbara Bush is a pretty good dancer.


After getting pregnant, Jess and her hubs decided they wanted a slightly slower pace than NYC to raise kids and ended up in Cincinnati, Ohio surrounded by family.  Side note: we met Jess’s daughter after class and she is ADORABLE. 


After getting settled, Jess got to work on bringing her high-intensity dance cardio classes to the Queen City. She is currently renting space from a dance studio in Mariemont where she offers classes almost daily. She also just started teaching twice a week at the LB in Rookwood.  Her Friday 7:45a class offers childcare, and she plans to expand this option.


Jess told us “This is something that I think is super important and helpful for mama's and I want all moms to feel supported in my class so, hopefully, I can always offer this service for free to my clients.” 


If you’ve read any of our past articles on dance-related workouts, you know that I’m not a dancer. So, needless to say, I wasn’t looking forward to this class. I envisioned myself awkwardly clapping offbeat in the back row. On the contrary, I LOVED it. 


Jess’s class was much more of a high intensity, cardio workout than a choreographed danced class. It included a lot of moves I knew—jumping jacks, high knees, squat jumps, lunges, but to the beat of artists like Beyonce and Michael Jackson.


Jess explained to us that she curates the class on the spot depending on the level of participant expertise. If she has a class of Paula Abdul’s she'll throw in some more complicated moves, but for our level class, she kept it simple. Simple, nonstop, challenging, and fun.  Jess has a DJ mix all of her tracks for class so the music was non-stop. It was motivating, especially during the last set of high knees when legs were SHAKING. Needless to say, Molly and I both left drenched in sweat.


This would be a great class for you if you love high energy, high-intensity workouts and beat based movement.  Use the code FITSUMMER18 for a free class before Labor Day at the Mariemont location (251 Wooster Pike).  Don’t think you can dance? Me neither, and I still recommend giving this class a try. 


Check out Jess’s schedule, and sign up for classes on her Facebook page, or on the LB website. 


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