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Current State: Costa Rica Healthy

June 25, 2018

Ryan and I honeymooned in Costa Rica. We flew into Libera, spent the first week at a resort near La Fortuna, and then the second week on the beach in Guanacaste. To be honest, we didn't "work out" once, but were super active and did a ton of R&R health activities.  Check it out below.


 We hiked A LOT. Really glad we got a guide because there are a ton of things (plants, animals, etc.) that are pretty dangerous to us clueless tourists. For instance, I almost pet a deadly caterpillar, and then rubbed my hand on a wood banister that was infested with carpenter ants. After that my our guide told me I wasn't allowed to touch anything anymore.


Ryan got his first massage! He was skeptical but I think he liked it after. The spa at Nayara Springs, the first place we stayed at, was unreal. I got reflexology there for the first time and it was magical. During reflexology the practitioner applies pressure to the feet in specific places that trigger relaxation.  I left feeling like I was in heaven. ​



           I led us through a few yoga classes in this outdoor, "studio." Listening to the nature sounds was super meditative. 

We took long walk after long walk on the beach, swam a ton, and went snorkeling.



We ate tons of fresh fruits and local cuisine (meat, rice and beans), and tried all kinds of Costa Rican wines. 


We definitely never saw the inside of the gym, but we were exhausted at the end of everyday.  Our favorite Costa Rican saying we learned was, "Pura Vida!" It means I'm living the good life. Looking forward to using this phrase and mentality in our lives back here in Cincy! Have you been to Costa Rica? What'd you think? How do you stay active on vacation? 

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