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Keeping Us Healthy Since 1999: The Cincinnati Sports Club

June 18, 2018

So, we have the cutest, most talented interns ever who are just as passionate about health and wellness as we are. They have been friends for life, and are now fellow University of Dayton Flyers. Meet Anna and Erin. Having grown up going to the Cincinnati Sports Club in the heart of Cincinnati's East Side, we passed the baton to them to highlight everything that the club has to offer. Enjoy!

The Cincinnati Sports Club has been an immense part of our lives for as long as we can remember. Some of our first memories as friends began in the Club’s ballet and gymnastics classes at the ripe age of 4. Little did we know, these classes, full of tutus and overprotective moms, ultimately began friendships that would last a lifetime. It also began our fitness journey together. 



Our fitness milestones at the Club only continued as we grew older. Age 12 may seem like an insignificant year, but as tweens of the Cincinnati Sports Club, it was monumental. It meant (drum roll please) we could officially go on the fitness floor and track without our parents. We no longer had to sneak in and act like we were 12, and not 11. Fast forward to age 14. Another seemingly unimportant year. However, to little Anna and Erin, this meant that they could go in the hot tub all by themselves. Our parents no longer needed to take turns watching us dip our feet in the hottub and listen to our frivolous middle school conversations. Two years later, and the day that every teenager awaits finally came for us - we turned 16 and got our driver’s license. For most teens, this meant the freedom to drive to football games and Starbucks, but for us it meant that we could finally drive to the Sports Club without having to the humiliation of waiting for a ride from our parents. We reached our final milestone when we turned 18 and officially were able to use the Club’s steam room and sauna. Now at the age of 19 we have the freedom to enjoy all the perks of the Cincinnati Sports Club.



 The Sports Club has unlimited options that accommodate every fitness journey. From numerous types of yoga, cycling classes for all levels, basketball, soccer, swimming, tennis, racquetball, squash, barre, strength training, to every machine imaginable, you will never run out of things to do at the Sports Club. Check out the jam-packed schedule here. The Club also gives you access to personal trainers, nutritionists, physical therapists, and a full service spa.



 In the summer, the outside pool turns into a social hotspot for everyone from families to teenagers. The pool also has top-notch lifeguards (Anna is one of them!). And we can’t end this post without mentioning the delicious food in both the indoor and outdoor delis...a HUGE part of our experience growing up at the Club.



The Sports Club has programming that runs all summer long. They have a “Food Truck Feast” every Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays through July, Happy Hour every Friday at 5:30pm at the pool, and various special events throughout the year.


From going to gymnastics class together to sweating our butts off in spinning class, the Sports Club has been a huge part of our friendship and our fitness journey.  


The Cincinnati Sports Club might be a good fit for you if you are looking for more than just a gym, or if you have a family that can benefit from the wide array offerings.

For more information about membership call (513)-527-4000 or visit their website

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