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Thai Yoga Therapy for Chronic Pain and Mental Health: Tranquility Rising

June 6, 2018

Imagine listing on your resume, “M.D. to the Buddha.” I imagine doors would open. The founder of Thai Yoga Massage was able to do just that. 2,500 years ago Jivaka Kumarbhaccha, yogi and personal doctor of the Buddha, practiced a healing art that is now known as Thai Yoga Massage. It has been practiced by Buddhist monks since then and was introduced in the United States in 1990. 


The easiest way to envision a Thai Yoga Massage is to simply imagine a massage and yoga combined.  Instead of stripping down and laying under a blanket, you remain clothed and lay on the floor. No oils or lotions are used, but some traditional massage techniques like acupressure, traction, and decompression are used. Instead of guiding yourself through a yoga flow, the practitioner guides you through very simple yoga poses and stretches. You literally don’t have to exert any effort which is why some people call it, “the lazy man’s yoga.” 


There are many benefits associated with Thai yoga massage. The pressing techniques can relax muscles, increase blood circulation, and increase oxygen and nutrient flow to your body. It can relieve chronic stiffness and increase mobility, and help with pain relief. A review published in 2015 in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice showed people reported a 25 to 80 percent reduction of pain that lasted up to 15 weeks following a Thai massage. Thai Massage has also been shown to help with headache relief and with stress reduction


We checked out Tranquility Rising, owned by Arielle Schmidt. Arielle sees clients at both her office in Blue Ash and at Real Human Performance. Arielle is a certified group exercise instructor through Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and a 200 Hour Yoga Instructor with Yoga Alliance. She trained with the Cincinnati Yoga School through India to immerse herself in my yoga training and also received her SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy Level 2 Student Practitioner Certification in Costa Rica, where she learned how to use the whole person to treat the whole person by promoting a harmonious state of well being.



She describes her work as incorporating, “elements of mindfulness, gentle rocking, deep stretching, and rhythmic compression,” with the goal of healing. Arielle saw us each separately and each session lasted about 1.5hours. It was fantastic. Like so good Molly scheduled a session for her Mom as her Mother’s Day gift. 


Molly’s Take: 


When I entered the room, I noticed a very large mattress-like pad on the ground. After a brief Q&A and explanation of the process, Arielle instructed me to lay down on the mat, fully clothed, and to relax. Then she went to work. I started on my back, flipped to my right side, then my left, then my stomach and ended again on my back. I had to give absolutely zero effort. Arielle guided my body into small expressions of yoga poses while exploring various trigger points and energy lines on my body. After 1.5 hours of pure bliss, Arielle sat down with me and explained exactly what she found.  Note: this process is a typical session, and what you can expect when you go. 


Arielle’s post Thai yoga consultation wasn’t just “oh, you have really tight hips”. A major part of the SomaVeda method is reading lines of energy. The oldest traditional yogic texts reference the existence of 350,000 energetic pathways of life that give breath to the body. Throughout the 1.5 hour consultation, Arielle studies clients’ energy lines and is able to gain understanding and perspective about what individuals might be dealing with internally through how open or closed the body’s energy lines are. For example, she explained to me that, unlike most Americans, I didn’t have blocked energy line behind my ears which means I’m able to express my feelings and emotions freely (huge thanks to CSOB for allowing us to lay it all out there). It was amazing how she could read my body and understand my internal struggles and triumphs. 

SomaVeda Energy Lines




 Mer’s Take: 


My process and experience were similar to Molly’s, but as we’re different individuals with different energy, our post consultation results differed. Arielle told me that where my energy was blocked indicated that I might have too much fire in my life, aka might be doing too many things. Nailed it. Apart from that insight and advice to slow down (which is always easier to listen to when it’s coming from an external source as opposed to internal messages, eye roll) I left the consult feeling super zen. And not just relaxed on a muscular level, but just in a good place energetically and mentally. Arielle explained the more often you come the quicker your body is able to hold this new vibration of higher energy, and the better and more balanced you’ll feel. 


What we experienced is what all clients will receive when they do an initial consultation with Arielle at Tranquility Rising. She then offers programs to explore the areas of blockage, and work towards overall balance and well being, both physically and mentally. 


Learn more about Arielle's services here. Through the month of July, she is giving all CSOB readers $10 off a new client assessment. Just mention CincyStateOfBeing in the comment section when you schedule your appointment here

Are you a first responder (Fire, EMS, LEO, Dispatch, Active Military)? Mention this to Arielle and receive a discount on all services. 

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