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Who Run The World? Women of Cincy.

May 31, 2018

2018 is an amazing time to be a woman.


Now, more than ever, women are being celebrated for their strength and resiliency, their compassion and courage, and their ability to juggle 127 things at once, all without capes. So, it’s only natural for Cincinnati to have a platform to highlight the amazing women that reside here. And Kiersten Feuchter, Chelsie Walter, and Kelsey Johnson were just the gals to create it.


Women of Cincy started on accident. Really.  Kiersten, Chelsie, and Kelsey were inspired by the 2017 Women’s March, and took to the streets of downtown Cincinnati to report the stories of the empowered women who were marching for their rights. Kiersten quickly created an Instagram account under the name “Women of Cincy”, and they started posting. They left the march with a few dozen stories from women they met, and got together over wine (the best brainstorming sessions usually start with wine, am I right?) to discuss a strategy for posting.


Interviewee Kiana Trabue, photographed by Stacy Wegley



What came of that monumental wine night was something beautiful. It was the start of an organization that shares the stories of the women of Cincinnati, promotes collaboration and creates opportunities for women to unite and support each other. In short, Women of Cincy is a social enterprise built to celebrate Cincinnati’s incredible women, creating empathy and opportunities through storytelling, collaboration, community, and mentorship.



Every week, they interview and feature inspiring women who were nominated by the community for who they are. These are women who have overcome incredible adversity, are awe inspiring, make us proud to be female, and are doing amazing work in our world.


Know a woman who should be celebrated? (Trick question. Of course you do). Women can be nominated here for their story to be featured on Women of Cincy.  


They also allow writers like us to share in the conversation through their Perspectives platform. Columns include “What Is A Woman”, “Scenes from the City”, and, a personal favorite, a video series entitled “Because of Her” that highlights the real and impactful ways that strong women shape our lives.

But Women of Cincy is SO MUCH MORE than a storytelling platform. Their goal is to connect all Cincinnati Women. They host two events every month that allow women to connect in real life (aka, not just through social media). The first is a “Boozy Hour”, held on the fourth Tuesday of every month at a woman-affiliated location, and the second is what they call a “social event with substance”.


The June Boozy Hour is on June 26th with our GFs Fuel the Sole at Commonweath Bistro. Find out more info here.



Catch our monthly column on Women of Cincy here, and be on the lookout for an amazing event series coming up later this year that we’re collaborating on together! We couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this inspiring platform, and hope that you all enjoy following along with Women of Cincy on Instagram, Facebook, and by subscribing to their weekly email newsletter at the base of their homepage.


Women of Cincy is an apolitical organization dedicated to giving a voice to women of all beliefs.


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