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Don't Let Your Busy Life Wreck Your Healthy Diet: Fit Food Stop

May 24, 2018

Recently my esthetician glanced over my shoulder and saw the gmail calendar that I share with Molly. She almost fell over. It’s a little full. Ok, super full. With traveling, and working, and planning, and writing, and interviewing, and working out it’s often really hard for us to make it to the grocery. At the same time, we both how crucial it is to put nutritious, energy dense food in to our bodies so we can feel our best, especially with how busy we are. For that reason, we’re constantly on the lookout for healthy dining out options. At this point, we can hack a healthy meal from almost any menu (when in doubt, grilled, grilled, grilled). It’s even better when we find restaurants catered specifically toward healthy dining (Northstar, please open a location here. I beg you). These places tend to use organic produce, locally sourced meats when possible, serve right sized portions, and tweak recipes to make them healthier.


I saw Fit Food Stop pop-up in Oakley about a year ago, and was excited to finally try them at their new location in Columbia Tusculum. The Oakley location has since closed, but they have opened a second location in West Chester. Fit Food Stop offers healthy, pre packaged meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that you can pick up and take on the go. An average meal is $7.11, comparable to a Chipotle burrito, which is great, considering healthier options usually come with a hefty price tag.

 The owner, a local Cincinnatian named Anthony, came up with the idea while living in Texas and working in the software industry. His job required a lot of travel around the country to Chicago, Boston, California, etc. Most of these bigger cities had similar concepts, places that he could pop into while traveling and grab healthy, quick grub. When he moved back to the Queen City, he found that option didn’t exist here yet, so he decided to open his own store. He left the software industry and jumped in head first.


All of Fit Food Stop’s meals start with a healthy protein (think: chicken, turkey, salmon), add a healthy carb like quinoa, and end with assorted veggies. Fit Food Stop also offers health twists on standard American meals. For example, instead of using teriyaki sauce which is high in salt and sugar, Fit Food Stop makes their own version of teriyaki sauce using braggs apple cider vinegar and pure maple syrup. In response to customer’s requests, Fit Food Stop now also sells meal prep kits with assorted protein, grains, and veggies, that allows you to build your own meals. These kits are priced at $45.




The most popular dish is the chicken alfredo. The sauce is greek yogurt based, and the fettuccini noodles are made out of brown rice. Another crowd pleaser is the meatloaf. While the majority of customers are health buffs looking to save time, Anthony has also found many of his customers start during a home or kitchen remodel and never turn back.


We’re all about the quick, healthy options and would love to see more in Cincinnati. Check out Fit Food Stop and get 10% off if you mention CSOB. Let us know what you think!


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