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How To Stay Healthy For Life: Mercy Anderson Health Plex

May 17, 2018

I remember when I was in high school I was so envious of my friends that belonged to Mercy HealthPlex. It was a haven for the overactive teenager (which, shocker, I was.) You could do SO MUCH- play basketball, play tennis, go swimming, pretend like you knew what you were doing in the massive workout room... the list goes on.


So, when John Jacobs from Mercy Anderson HealthPlex reached out to invite me and Mer to a workout class, I was stoked to get back in there and see how things have changed.


We took Michelle’s HIIT class in “The Field”, which is a spansive open area with astroturf and every gym toy known to man. The class was a circuit, with a cardio blast warm up that made us wonder what we got ourselves into (it was very challenging). Michelle, the instructor, demonstrated all exercises at the beginning, then we broke off into 3 groups and picked a station. Each station had 2 exercises that were performed at certain reps. If you are wondering how we remembered everything, we didn’t-- there was a whiteboard in the middle of the room that reminded us what exercise we were doing. I think the most challenging exercise was one where we started in plank, then walked backwards up a wall and ended in a handstand (or, for me, more like plank at a 45 degree angle). The class was full of people from all walks of life- college kids, up to seniors. But this did not deter it from being a freaking hard class. Mer and I were both questioning how in shape we really were while watching men in their 60s power through pull ups and box jumps while we were panting and taking water breaks.


Since class is provided with your club membership, members can pop into class and do not need to sign up ahead of time. This in particular seemed to be super convenient for moms whose kids were in daycare or gymnastics in the room next door.


We loved the family-like atmosphere of the space, the challenging class curriculum, and the ability to get so much out of one location. I joked with Meriden that if I lived in Anderson, I probably would never leave the HealthPlex… and I truly mean it. Their class schedule is MASSIVE- there is basically a fitness class every hour during the day, which will keep the most A.D.D of exercise enthusiasts happy. You can check out their group fitness class schedule here, and the field class schedule here

They even offer pilates reformer classes (reservations are required for those classes).


Mercy HealthPlex is the kind of club that you can grow with-- meaning, join in your 20s, kick serious butt in the group fitness and field classes, star in open gyms, maybe try tennis and swimming.. then migrate into your family years with small children (they have a daycare that is included in your membership-- game changer for all you moms out there). As your kids get older, the club can continue to entertain your kids with gymnastics, swim and tennis lessons, and basketball, all while you spend time maintaining your own health.  


I also feel like Mercy HealthPlex would be a great place to join if you are new to the area, as the people that belong there seem to hang out and get to know one another as they sweat alongside each other on the field in Michelle’s HIIT class, or as their children tumble with one another in gymnastics. Oh, and I forgot to mention, there’s a spa….


For more information on membership and to tour the facility, contact John Jacobs.


Don’t live in Anderson? Mercy Health Plex has multiple locations: Downtown, Fairfield, West Clermont, Queen City Ave., Lorrain and Youngstown.


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