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What to Expect at the Chiropractor: Norwood Chiropractic

May 10, 2018

80% of the population will experience back pain at some point during their lives. A recent global survey of health conditions identified back pain as the single most disabling condition worldwide. It’s not shocking that chiropractors are in high demand. Chiropractic is a healthcare profession that focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems including pain in the back, neck, joints, arms, legs, and head.You’ve probably heard people say, “I’m going to get adjusted,” when headed to the chiropractor. They’re referring to spinal manipulation, the most common procedure performed by chiropractors. 


Here’s spinal manipulation broken down in our words. Sometimes our tissues get injured through acute occurrences like tweaking a muscle running, or through chronic improper use such as sitting all day with poor posture. Tissue surrounds joints. When our tissue is injured, the joints can become restricted (hypomobile). During an adjustment, a chiropractor applies controlled pressure to adjust or move the affected area with the hopes of restoring joint mobility and loosening the surrounding muscles, allowing tissues to heal and (fingers crossed) the pain to be resolved




Rick Yost’s office, Norwood Chiropractic, takes chiropractic work one step farther beyond adjustments, to investigating and addressing the root cause of patient’s issues or pain. Rick has been practicing for over a decade, and bought the Norwood Chiropractic practice in 2013. He has since opened a second location in Mason. The Norwood location sees predominantly adults. The Mason location also sees a number of high school athletes who he teaches proper alignment and strengthening techniques along with addressing any injury. One of his favorite past athletes that he worked with was Rose Lavelle who is now a professional soccer player.




Molly and I met with Rick a few weeks ago, and both received evaluations and adjustments. Before we even met Rick, we walked into the evaluation room and were welcomed with tshirts and handwritten notes thanking us for coming. Apparently they do this for all their clients, but we felt super special.  Rick told us “We focus on the hole in the roof here, not just the puddles on the floor. We want to fix the root of the issue, the hole in the roof, not just fix the problem by mopping up the puddles.”  To do so, Dr. Yost and his colleagues offer a plutera of modalities in addition to chiropractic manipulation including massage therapy, soft tissue mobilization, spinal decompression therapy, and active release techniques. One of the other docs on staff, Dr. Eric Nabi, is passionate about using chiropractic work preventatively. He does so with his clients, and also offers community classes on alignment and posture.

While chiropractic work can certainly be preventative, most patients come to Norwood Chiro trying to achieve some sort of goal, usually to reduce or eliminate pain. Treatment is 100% catered to the individual, but the overall process is the same.


The Norwood Chiropractic Process:


1. Do an evaluation and identify the pain generator (aka what tissue or tissues are causing the pain). Dr. Yost did this with both of us. He watched us walk and do certain exercises looking for instabilities, imbalances, and pain points. It was incredibly impressive how Dr. Yost was able to identify a tiny pain point in my hip just by watching me walk a few steps. He also said I have too many inconsistencies to address in just one adjustment. Guess that's what happens when you have double rotator cuff surgeries and then get hit by a car on your bike. He was also able to quickly identify Mol’s misalignment in her hips, and her tight hip flexors which ultimately was causing low back pain. He manipulated us on a special table that we’ve never seen before,which allowed him to move our lower half around to stretch and adjust our low back and spine.


2. Explain and equip the patient with strategies to prevent the problem from continuing. Once the docs have identified the root cause of the pain they provide patients with exercises, techniques, and advice. It might be as simple as modifying a workspace area (think desk or computer height), learning a new movement, or doing certain stretches.


3. Select and recommend the appropriate treatment methods to alleviate the issue. A typical treatment program for someone who comes into Norwood Chiropractic in pain is 4 weeks. They’re goal is not to keep patients coming back, their goal is to get patients better. Treatment may include a combination of the aforementioned modalities with the ultimate goal of getting the patient back to their lives.


Norwood Chiro has been voted number one in Cincinnati for 3 years in a row. We asked Dr. Yost why.  He said it’s all about patient experience and outcomes. As people who love prevention, Molly and I asked him the best exercise to maintain our spinal health.  Dr. Yost said if he had to choose one it’d be pilates, as it teaches you how to find a neutral spine, proper posture, and increases core strength.

To learn more about Norwood Chiropractic and their doctors, clikc here. , or check them out on Facebook or Instagram.

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