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Yoga is Joy: Move Your Hyde with Instructor Sarah Yanito

May 5, 2018

It’s been almost a decade since Missy Tyszkiewicz moved to Cincinnati from Michigan, leaving behind a yoga studio and community that she loved. At the time, the yoga studio scene in Cincinnati was nascent, and when she couldn’t find a power yoga studio here, she decided to open one. Eight years ago the doors to Move Your Hyde opened for the first time. For the first year Missy taught almost every single class, sometimes to just one or two students. “Everyday, regardless how many people came to class, I would just show up and be grateful for every single person. Every single person that decided to take time and come practice with me.” Her dedication and perseverance paid off, and soon the studio started to fill-up. She told me she still remembers the first completely full class that she taught at the studio, at which she cried tears of joy.




Move your Hyde now has two locations and over twenty instructors. The original location is on Hyde Park Square and the second location is downtown. Both locations offer power yoga which is a, “vigorous style of flowing yoga, mixing long holds with faster movement.” The style is based on Baron Baptiste’s Power Vinyasa Yoga, and the studio is always heated at 85-90 degrees.  Missy describes power yoga as very athletic, and as a very physical style of practice focusing primarily on asanas (the physical postures). The classes are challenging. You will sweat. I (and more importantly Missy) recommend attending the Power Yoga Basics held on Saturday’s at 11:30 at the Hyde Park location first if you’re new to power yoga. There you’ll learn the foundations of the movements, proper posture, and modifications.  This class really harps on proper alignment (so, important if you want to have a lifelong practice).




I took Sarah Yanito’s class a few weeks ago at the Hyde Park location. Sarah grew up in Cleveland as an athlete, swimming competitively as a child and in high school. As she transitioned out of swimming daily, she discovered yoga, and started teacher training soon after. Sarah brings an athlete's perspective to the practice, focusing a lot on core engagement and arm strength in her classes. In addition to teaching at Move Your Hyde, Sarah teaches corporate yoga at various businesses across the city. Sarah and I chatted before class and, similar to Missy, Sarah stressed to me that every student matters. She brings the same energy, passion, and dedication to her classes, whether she’s teaching one student or fifty. Sarah’s class was challenging, and the flow was quick. However, I liked that she stressed that certain movements (like extra chaturangas) were optional, and offered various modifications throughout class.




Power yoga is a workout. My favorite thing about Missy is her philosophy on finding the right style of yoga for you. She told me, “Yoga is for everyone, but this style of yoga might not be your practice. If not, that’s OK. I want people to find the right style for them so I’ll recommend other studios if this isn’t a good fit. I don’t want people to try one style and quit yoga all together.”  


Missy said Move your Hyde tends to attract a lot of athletes like runners and triathlons, and those that want a workout from their practice. Both studios offer karma yoga. Hyde Park has $5 donation based yoga on Saturdays at 4pm. The donations support Move your Hyde instructor, Emily, who is going to use the money to head to India and build homes for women survivors of human trafficking. The downtown location hosts $5 yoga on Friday nights starting at 6:05pm, and on Sunday mornings at 9:30AM. While the majority of the classes provide a workout, the Hyde Park locations offers a restorative class on Sundays at 4PM. Also, on Move Your Hyde’s website is a free podcast that you can use from home. The podcast will guide you through a home yoga practice if you can’t make it to the studio.


Missy and Move your Hyde have come a long way in 8 years, but Missy continues to just show up. Her greatest piece of advice when approaching your yoga practice is to always bring joy to your mat. She noted, “when you approach yoga like a chore, with a heaviness, then you become unable to connect with joy, what yoga is really about. It’s a pursuit of joy, don't take it too seriously.”


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