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Dance 'Til The Sun Comes Up: GETUP

April 4, 2018

It’s 7am on a Thursday. You are wearing neon, jumping up and down, rocking out to a DJ with dozens of your new best friends. No, it’s not a rave. No, you haven’t been out all night. You actually went to bed at 9am to prepare for this. No, liquid courage is not responsible for the way your body is moving. You are actually stone cold sober.


I’m talking about the latest craze sweeping the nation: Morning Dance Parties. This phenomena dates back to 2013 Brooklyn (where most trends start, let’s be real). Two buds were sick of going out to crowded clubs, dealing with drunks, and, in consequence, not being able to break it down as much as they’d like. These dance parties were coined Daybreaker, and have since spread to 22 cities such as San Francisco, LA, Chicago, and Austin, to name a few. They attract people to dance it out pre-work day to reap the benefits they coin D-O-S-E. D for Dopamine, O for Oxytocin, S for Serotonin, and E for Endorphins.



Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that controls your brain’s reward and pleasure centers, giving you that sense of accomplishment for waking up before the rest of the city, and moving your body at a time when normally you’re logging z’s. Oxytocin is also called the “cuddle hormone”, releasing good feelings when you feel the bond of those dancing around you. AKA, those new besties you just made. Serotonin is a chemical in your brain crucial to mood and motivation, and releases when listening to upbeat, positive music. Lastly, good old Endorphins, which are morphine-like chemicals that are released during vigorous exercise. AKA, and hour of yoga followed by an hour long dance party.


Of those people that attended Daybreaker in New York and San Francisco were 4 Cincinnati natives, who made their way back to Cincy (as most natives do ;) ) and decided to bring this trend back with them. Introducing, Cincinnati’s OWN version of Daybreaker: GETUP.


The first GETUP was hosted on March 15th at Aster on Fourth. These morning parties start with a hip hop yoga class to wake your body up, then the DJ kicks in and it’s time to dance it out. Thirty Drink was on site to provide rapid hydration, and Aster provided light bites to refuel mid-break down. The place was bumping.



The coolest part about going to a yoga class and dance party at 6am on a Thursday? Heading into your day energized, with D-O-S-E pumping, and like you are hiding a huge secret. Little do your yawning cube mates know that you just spent your morning rocking out to DJ Mowgli in your neon tights.



The next GETUP is on May 17th, with location TBA. There are limited tickets available, so if you are interested in attending, I recommend buying your ticket as soon as they release them. Let us know if you’re going so we can be on the lookout! We’ll be practicing our dancing skills for Mer’s wedding in June (that sight alone might make it worth it).


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