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Pure Barre Tuck Explained by "Best of the West" Jess Collins

March 3, 2018


She eats cake for breakfast. She loves the west coast, 90s R&B, and was born on Friday the 13th--superstitions begone. She’s an interior decorator 9-5 with a clothing blog that would inspire even the most hesitant mall goer. This jack of all trades was also voted the best fitness instructor on the west side by Cincy Magazine in 2017.  Jess Collins teaches Pure Barre at Pure Barre West. We took Jess’ class and got brunch after to chat. We love a girl who shares our passion for following a good workout with good grub.


It wasn’t hard to see why Jess was voted Best of the West. Her energy in class is infectious. She’s bubbly and encouraging, and does a great job of motivating students. Jess found Pure Barre through friends, got hooked, and decided to become an instructor. At brunch after class, Jess broke down the process of becoming a PB instructor for us, and it sounds intense. Think: sleepaway camp meets dance team meets graduate school. Even now, Jess and her co-instructors are constantly learning in order to challenge students. Every quarter, Jess learns brand new moves, perfects them herself, and then figures out how to work them into her classes. She’s constantly mixing up routines to make sure that her regulars don’t know what to expect (muscle confusion for the win).






Jess also spends an immense amount of time perfecting her playlists as the moves need to sync with the beat. Her playlist for us was killer, with an appropriate amount of throwbacks, and a Beyonce number. We asked Jess to break down one of the most classic PB moves-the tuck. PB calls the tuck, “a foundational position.” The goal is to remove the over-arching of our low backs by rolling the hips back, engaging the core, stacking the shoulders above the hips and finding neutral body alignment.  Although it sounds simple, it is a cue that Jess said can frequently stump or confuse students. She made us a video to break it down so we can all perfect the tuck.





How adorable is she? Check out Jess’ classes here.               .



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