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There's no shame in this snack game. Christy White has Whirlybird soaring to new heights.

January 8, 2018

Whirlybird Granola  was just a dream when a young and ambitious Christy (Geiger) White visited the Brooklyn Flea with friend Lindsay Dewald. The two friends fell in love with the urban market at first sight. Having always been passionate about health and wellness, Christy loved that there were so many independent vendors there selling their whole, real food products, particularly granola.


Fast forward to a year later back in Cincinnati. Lindsay founded The City Flea at Washington Park in OTR and Christy, an inaugural vendor of The Flea, set up her first Whirlybird Granola pop-up shop.



Many store bought granola products have tons of added sugar and extra unhealthy ingredients. Before going to Brooklyn, Christy was already making her own healthy, clean granola at home solely for her own snacking purposes. However, during that pivotal trip to NY, she was inspired to do something greater with the snack and share it with others. She and her husband traveled around the tristate area in search of farms to source ingredients. They found a maple syrup farm that they parterened with. Christy and her husband harvested the maple syrup side by side with the farmers and began to develop different flavors of granola. The pure Ohio maple syrup is what makes Whirlybird so unique and tasty. P.S. Aren't Christy and her hubs the cutest? 



Christy started small in her own kitchen, and then to speed-up the process, she moved production to her parents' kitchen where there were two ovens. The response to Christy’s product was overwhelmingly positive. Working around her 9-5 job, she was pumping out as much granola as she could to supply the increased demand of her family and friends. It was when she she found out she was pregnant with twins that she ditched her 9-5 and Whirlybird was officially born.


As she branded her business, it was time to move to a larger facility. She found a rental kitchen in Madison, Indiana (about 75 miles outside of Cincinnati) and she and her family would take day trips to the kitchen to bake. I’ve known Christy’s family for most of my life, and each member of her family is cooler than then next. So, it’s no surprise that when Christy decided to take this leap and focus on her passion for creating real food with real ingredients, about every member of the fam rolled up their sleeves and got to baking. The demand for Whirlybird Granola continued to grow rapidly. Christy moved production to a bigger facility and more and more family started to chip in (think: inlaws, cousins, aunts).  Today, Christy is operating in a certified gluten free, non GMO kitchen (pending certified vegan). The granola continues to be made in small batches to ensure quality.


Whirlybird is a labor of love, born from passion, and supported by family and community. Every aspect of this product is made with purpose and intention. Christy is part of a small group of local vendors changing the food narrative in Cincinnati. It’s now cooler to buy local, especially when you know you’re getting a better (healthier and higher quality) product.  And that really is what Whirlybird was founded on. Christy was and is dedicated to using only the highest quality ingredients.  Whirlybird does not use any artificial ingredients, high fructose corn syrup, or additives. Each batch is sweetened with Ohio pure maple syrup and organic agave nectar. Unlike most granola companies, they use only extra virgin olive oil versus canola oil to provide all of the nutrients without the GMO’s. And guys, the granola tastes amazing.


We know a lot about Whirlybird, mostly because we snack on it constantly, but we didn’t know how the name came about. We asked Christy and she explained,  “The seed of the sugar maple tree, where we get our maple syrup, is called the whirlybird. Most of us know these seeds as helicopters. The doublebird on the logo is a tribute to my twins who were birthed around the same time as Whirlybird.” Love.


Christy’s product can be found at dozens of retailers in the tristate in numerous flavors. What’s even cooler? Christy’s local CIncy brand is now being sold all over the region, soon country, and ships globally via Amazon.


Christy is giving all CSOB followers 20% off her product on Amazon with code WHIRLY18.



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