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Be Whole. Be You. Lorie Yarro.

January 4, 2018

I’m going to be honest. I’m a little intimidated to write this post because Lorie is just that cool. This girl is raw, real, and refreshing with both her honesty and her perspective on health, and more grandly, life. Lorie radiaties body positivity, admits openly to cathartically crying in savasana(bonded over that one), and occasionally eats cookies for breakfast, see post and recipe here. That’s right, she eats cookies for breakfast. No rules for this girl. In fact, this year, like last year, Lorie is, “diet/detox/cleanse/restriction free.” Her philosophy is to eat what you love without rules or guilt through intuitive eating. And sometimes that means cookies for breakfast.

Lorie met us at Awakenings a few weeks ago with her 2-month old Sam in one arm, and a bag of homemade puppy chow in the other. She speaks our language: babies and chocolate. Lorie and her husband adopted Sam at birth, and he is pure perfection.


Lorie started her blog, “Be Whole. Be You.” a little over three years ago. The site shares amazing recipes and scrumptious looking pictures along with stories, struggles, and learnings from Lorie’s life. On the site’s bio, Lorie is quick to share her personal struggle with body perfection, calorie counting, and overexercising. Throughout her blog posts, Lorie shares details of her fertility issues and subsequent losses. Her openness on the blog has no doubt allowed others to sit a little easier with their own experiences, or at least feel that they’re not alone.





Lorie's time in the kitchen has always been therapeutic. From a young age, she spent hours on hours cooking and baking with her mom and grandma. This practice continued into adulthood, and friends and family began to ask her to share her recipes. This is how the blog was born.


Since Lorie started the blog, it has evolved along with her life. She begun the site as a way to share recipes and her passion for food, but it has morphed into a platform to relate with other women who share similar struggles, whether it be with body image, diet, or fertility issues. In recent years, Lorie has become even more aware of the pressure many women put on themselves to look a certain way, constantly dieting, counting, and restricting. Realizing that brought very little joy, she decided to say F that.


Instead, Lori promotes:

  • Letting go of the idea of good and bad food lists. Food is food, she says.

  • Forgetting the taboo on comfort food. There are emotions tied to food and that’s OK. Some food will indeed bring you comfort. Own that.

  • Giving up the term term “give in.” Don’t tie guilt to what you eat.

  • Giving yourself permission to eat what your body wants and needs!

  • Forgetting the concept of, “earning food.” Move your body because it’s healthy to move your body, not to earn 300 calories for a piece of cake.





A few of Lorie's favorite things: 


Recipe on the blog: overnight oats (they’re stupid easy she says)

Kitchen appliance: her food processor

Yoga Studio: Yoga Bar (check out her classes there)

Organic produce on a budget: Aldi

Little man under 3-months old: Sam


In 2018 those that follow Be Whole. Be You. can expect to see budget friendly recipes, a look into what’s in Lorie’s kitchen, round ups of top recipes, and maybe even homemade baby food recipes.


Check out Be Whole. Be You. Tasty food for the body without judgment and without rules.


Find Lorie and Be Whole. Be You. on Instagram, Facebook, or online.




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