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A Love Letter to Nick Melnyk: CycleStar at CYCLEBAR

December 30, 2017


Nick Melnyk is one of the first CycleStars in the great US of A. He has been with CYCLEBAR since they opened up their flagship studio at is a state of the art premium indoor cycling studio CYCLEBAR Rookwood Commons in Norwood. This first location opened in 2014, and since then has grown to over 150 studios across America, with plans of adding another 250 in the next few years.




Nick’s fitness journey didn’t start at CYCLEBAR.


He was your typical first year college student who had little fitness experience but knew he needed to do something to help combat the Freshman 15.  He started taking cycling classes during his freshman year at UC and was amazed at the positive effects it had on him, both physically and mentally. When CYCLEBAR opened in 2014, he was one of the first employees and, upon graduation from UC Business School, he went full time at CYCLEBAR Corporate.


Meriden and I heard from numerous sources in the fitness community that Nick was someone whose class we NEEDED to take. And boy, were they right.


Let me start by saying that when I lived in Chicago I had access to some of the country’s top cycling instructors via Flywheel, Soulcycle, and the Peloton cycling studio Studio Three. So, color me a tough critic. Nick was every bit as great as these famed instructors. If not better.


Here are a few key notes on what makes Nick Melnyk’s class so great:


1. His playlist was epic. I am a total music buff and firmly believe that the playlist is an integral part of a fitness class, especially cycling. Nick’s playlist was one to write home about. Here is the link to the playlist he used in our class. So good. He set the tone of the class right out of the gate, and each song was the perfect cadence for the work being done. This is the song he started our class with. Push play.



2. Along the same lines, he was perfection when it came to keeping us riding to the beat of the music. In other words, my lead foot was hitting the bottom of the pedal revolution right at the down beat of the music.


3. He was honest with his countdown. Let me get a raise of (virtual) hands if you have ever been to a class where the instructor flat out lied to you on how many seconds there were left. Chances are that, when that happened, you stopped trusting that instructor and refused to give that last 3 seconds your all because what if there were actually 5 or 6 seconds left? Well, leave your trust issues at home. Nick was ON POINT Every. Single. Solitary. Countdown. Can I get an Amen?!


4. He has an amazing teaching voice. Something a lot of people may not realize is how difficult it is for an instructor to find their voice-- AKA sound authentic and genuine when they are telling you how wonderful you are or that they know you can push yourself further. I nearly teared up because of the way his voice and motivational talk moved me. It was like a therapy session on so many levels.





If you aren't sure if cycling is right for you, Nick had some great advice for first timers.


The beauty of indoor cycling is that, although it’s in a group fitness setting, it’s still an independent sport. Meaning, you can take it at your own pace. You are in control of your own bike and can dial back your resistance as needed. You can also take a seat and grab water when you need a break. The room is dark, and everyone is in their own zone so no one cares what the person next to them is doing. It takes time to get used to the cycling movement, but once you do, I can vouch that it’s a cardio high unlike any other.


To wrap up this love letter, Nick is someone to keep an eye on.  At the budding age of 24, he has the ambition, focus, and personality to be a force in the fitness and wellness community in Cincinnati.


If you are interested in taking one of his classes at CYCLEBAR (as you really really really should), HE'S GIVING ALL CSOB READERS A FREE CLASS! HERE Nick teaches 5x a week, so check the schedule, purchase a drop in, and enter the promo code: ridewithnick to get the free class. 


You can find him on Instagram or Facebook  or even better follow him on Spotify @ nicholasmariomelnyk.


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