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Alternative Kitchens on the Rise in the Queen City: Featuring Taylor Nieman of Ungrained Bakery

December 18, 2017


Let’s face it. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to not have a dietary restriction. Where as some consider these issues “first world problems”, I think it’s amazing how self-aware our society has become: to eat something and be able to notice how it affects you is a truly remarkable thing. It’s the reason behind the Whole30 movement- to eliminate types of food that are known to have negative effects on your gut, energy, circulation, joints, skin, and mood, and then slowly reintroduce them back into your diet to notice how each food group makes you feel.


Personally, I realized in my early 20s that dairy and soy were causing severe bloating, stomach pains, headaches, rosacea, and fatigue. I chose to cut both dairy and soy out of my diet and it’s been life changing. Don’t get me wrong, it was extremely difficult in the beginning (pizza was a main food group in my early 20s and fro-yo was my treat of choice). Every now and then, I’ll take Lactaid pills so that I can enjoy a scoop of Graeter’s. But luckily, so many dairy free alternatives have popped up since I made the lifestyle change, it’s been increasingly easier to live a dairy/soy free life (for example, almond milk, ghee, Daiya, and Kite Hill.)


What’s even more refreshing to see is how local Cincinnati entrepreneurs have rallied behind this movement offering alternatives to accommodate people who have sensitivities, allergies, or diseases that limit certain foods.


Enter: the young and driven Taylor Nieman of the alternative kitchen, Ungrained Bakery


Taylor is a baker who noticed a lack of tasty options for those with restricted diets in Cincinnati. Over the past year, she has been busy developing and perfecting recipes that are not only gluten free, but can also be made vegan or dairy free. She is self educated on Celiac Disease, and has a kitchen that is strictly gluten free to avoid cross contamination. She has been servicing the Cincinnati community via farmers markets, custom orders, alongside her brother at Felix coffee bar, and at Urbana Cafe in OTR.









Even better, she hand delivers custom orders to you. So, as you set your menu for your upcoming holiday parties, consider those who may have restricted diets, and offer an alternative option to those Christmas cookies and ice cream pies (Mom, this doesn't mean I’m asking you to not make your ice cream pie. Some things are worth the repercussions!)


Some noteworthy items on Taylor’s menu are: mint matcha bars, No-reos (GF version of the Oreo), and crowd favorite, the bananas foster bar.


Taylor is offering all of you 25% off your holiday order. Just mention CSOB.


And if you know of any other dairy free, soy free, and/or gluten free brands or businesses, please comment below! We’re always on the hunt for tasty alternatives.


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