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A Focus on Form and Education: Ryan Davidson, Cincinnati Premier Training

December 9, 2017

I am beyond excited to share this feature. The trainers at Cincinnati Premier Training (CPT) are who sparked my excitement and interest in health and fitness some fifteen years ago. I have watched Ryan Davidson grow (literally and figuratively) from an ambitious college student working alongside Josh Burdick and Lou Cassaro to learn the ropes, to a now expert personal trainer with his own clientele and methodology.




First off, I’m well aware that the words “personal trainer” tend to spark fear and intimidation in people. I can’t tell you the amount of times that I have attempted to get friends to workout at CPT only to hear “I’m not in shape enough to go to a trainer.” That’s a perfect time to work with a personal trainer.  Spoiler alert, personal trainers are called personal for a reason. They focus on you. They build workouts specific to your needs: your fitness level, your past and present injuries, your health conditions, your day to day activities, and your goals.


Personal trainers are typically more pricey than group fitness, but are advantageous for those that have past or present injuries, want to learn proper form and alignment (it’s possible to really get hurt throwing weights around), have big goals, or want personalized attention.


Ryan Davidson takes the personal aspect to another level.

When you train with Ryan expect more than just a good workout. Ryan, alongside the rest of the trainers at CPT, is laser focused on proper alignment, correct form, and addressing the root causes of physical issues. Ryan is adept at reading his clients needs and adjusting their workouts appropriately on the spot. If you walk in with stress from your workday he isn’t going to ignore it. He’ll adapt plans and start your workout with exercises to release that built up tension.



Ryan is also great at addressing pain. Occasionally, I’ll have pain in my IT band during my workouts. When this happens, Ryan doesn’t urge me to push through the pain. He instead stops my workout and figures out what is really causing the pain. In my case, it’s actually my tight hip flexors and glutes causing the pain in my leg. So, Ryan has walked me through how to use the foam roller and lacrosse ball to work into the tight muscles to ease tension and pain on my IT band. (Thanks, Ry.)

Ryan's attention to proper form ensures that clients get the most out of every single movement while preventing injury. Ryan educates while he trains. He doesn’t just explain how to do the exercise, but also why he is having you do the exercise and the benefit behind it which I like. I have been training with these guys for 10 years and I am still constantly learning from them. In fact, just this morning, Ryan slightly adjusted my knees while squatting. That adjustment made a huge difference in relieving my low back which fired up the muscle you want to work in squats, my glutes.  


It also is worth mentioning that he is an extremely personable guy. His warm presence and welcoming personality makes you feel at ease and never ever judged. So you won’t find him scolding his clients for forgetting what exercise is next in a circuit, or for having one too many glasses of wine the night before you come in to train (not that it’s ever happened to me, but a friend I know….)



Side note, look at Ryan's ups. 


Whether you have been training for years, or haven’t stepped foot in a gym, Ryan and the team at CPT form fit to you. If have a desire for self improvement, want to see changes in your health, and are open to learning and trying new things you would jive well with Ryan and the trainers at CPT. It doesn’t have to break the bank either.  You can join a group session once a week, then use the principles and exercises learned during your training and apply them to your daily workout at home or in the gym.


If you are considering a personal trainer, I’m willing to bet high stakes that working with CPT will change your life for the better. It sounds dramatic, but the benefits go far beyond physical health. Their resumes should really read: therapists (mental and physical), mind and body readers, stress relievers, mood boosters, cheerleaders, teammates, coaches. Hell, at this point, I consider them family.

The trainers at CPT subscribe to the philosophy of Paul Chek, who is an internationally-renowned expert in the fields of corrective and high-performance exercise kinesiology. Read more about him and his methodology here. 


These guys are also the lead trainers for 2 youth soccer programs in Cincinnati: Kings Hammer, and FC’s Cincinnati Development Academy. 

If you are interested in training with Ryan, you can reach him at 513-497-1138, by email, or simply walk in! CPT is located at 4900 Babson Place (just off of Madison and Red Bank).

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