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Top 5 Nutrition Tips from a local expert: Kristen DeAngelis

December 7, 2017

Kristen DeAngelis moved to Cincinnati two years ago with a backpack. She had just recently finished touring the nation with Joe Cross on a book tour for Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, and came to the Queen City to be with her now husband. She found a job with TriHealth as a dietician and also has her own private practice where she coaches clients to better health. She's also a yoga instructor. 


Her resume is impressive, check it out here, and she’s even cooler in person. I may or may not have asked her to be my friend within 5 minutes of meeting her.  We bonded over our mutual love for the question, “why,” and our desire to always keep learning.


Kristen is in the business of behavior change. People come to her for a number of reasons including the desire to lose or gain weight, live longer, sleep better, manage a condition better, feel better, etc. The list goes on. She has extensive experience with weight loss, thyroid issues, insulin resistance, and eating disorders. We met at Coffee Emporium where Kristen dished out tips and answered a few of my questions.

Advice from Kristen:


1. When at home plan ahead. Shocker, the biggest barriers to success for her clients are time and convenience. “Over planning and preparing ahead is crucial to success. It’s not hoping. You need a strategy.”  


2. When traveling plan ahead.  Molly and I travel a lot.  Kristen told me we need to plan 3 steps ahead of time. Always have healthy snacks packed, look ahead at menus, and don’t rely on airport food.


3. Timing matters. Eat every 3-4 hours to maintain regular blood sugar levels.


4. Cover up the calorie and fat columns on your food labels. Kristen said the things people always look at first are calories and fat. She says forget those. Instead, focus on: carbs, protein, sugar, and fiber. That’s going to tell you the makeup of what you’re eating. Every single meal and snack should have protein and fiber. 


5. No food is good or bad. It just has more or less of certain ingredients.  


Some Q &A:


Me:  Molly and I both are always on the go. It’s so easy to quickly grab a protein bar. Is there one you recommend?

Kristen: I always recommend food first. Real food is always better. That being said, that doesn’t always work. With bars, you’re ideally looking for protein, fiber, low sugar, and whole foods.  I like RxBars, Health Warrior, and Lara bars. Just don’t eat them everyday!

Me: Opps.


Me: Should I be paleo? Or maybe keto? Or vegan? Or…..

Kristen: Food is medicine, there is no diet. The sexy answer right now is keto, but food and diet are so individual. You have to find what’s right for your body, which is what I help people do.  


Me: When you eat out where do you eat?

Kristen: We don’t eat out that much.

Me: Dammit.

Kristen: When I’m on the run and need to get something out I’ll stop at Panera. Their chicken Cobb salad is good without the bacon or cheese. I love that it has avocado. Also, the Starbucks evolution green juices and protein boxes aren’t bad. Honestly, when we’re on a road trip and need to stop we find a grocery store. We get a rotisserie chicken and fruit. It’s so much cheaper and healthier.



 Kristen suggested a technique that she uses first with all of her clients. Joe Cross taught it to her.


Imagine you went into a time machine and traveled 10 years into the future. What does your health look like? How do you feel? What are you doing? Now come back to the present, and ask yourself are the behaviors you’re making today going to get you to that place in 10 years? If not, what can you change?


To check out Kristen’s private practice visit her website here.

Kristen also hosts cooking workshops which she usually posts about on Facebook. 

Find her at yoga bar (because she wasn't already doing enough) every Tuesday night teaching a nice yoga flow.


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