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It's all a balancing act: Drew Ross

December 4, 2017


True life: Mer signed us up for a 5AM workout class.


I didn’t even know 5am workout classes were a thing. But they are, and people go. I didn't know what to expect when I walked into @The LB at 4:59am. Who are these people that workout before Starbucks opens? And more importantly, WHO is this man that can somehow convince people to workout before Starbucks opens? That man is Drew Ross.


I am always a bit hesitant to do early morning workouts outside of yoga. I lack energy (no coffee yet) and my body is so stiff from sleep that it takes some time to wake up my muscles. Luckily, rather than pumping jams and combatting our zombie-like state with high energy, Drew eased us into the class.  His major focus is individual pacing. As the class progressed he continuously instructed us to move at our own pace.


All of Drew’s classes are circuit based. Drew showed us the exercises at the beginning of class and then we rotated through a series of six stations--a total of 12 exercises. The exercises were a mixture of weights and calisthenics. We both left sweaty. Drew’s classes are good for those that have a good memory (I saw Mer ask Drew a number of times to repeat the exercise instructions again), are individually driven, and like their instructor to be directive but not chatty. Perfect for 5AM. After class we had the opportunity to grab a coffee (thank goodness) with Drew.


One of the things we love about Drew (the list is long) is that his take on exercise is refreshingly honest.


Yes, he is a fitness instructor with great legs. But he also can often be found surrounded by friends at a boozy Sunday brunch. In short, he shares the same sentiment as us: that life is all about moderation.


Drew also believes everyone has a different fitness journey.


At age 15, Drew suffered a back injury that caused him to give up on gymnastics and sports. Fast forward a few years, Drew was able to walk on the UC diving team where he competed for 4 years and competed in the Big East Championships.  He knows first hand what it’s like to be the underdog and to have to start from square one.


And for that reason, he believes that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to exercise. It is his mission to ensure that no one walks into his class feeling intimidated. If you’re in Drew’s class and you don’t know what you’re doing just ask. Since all the movements are taken at your own pace, it doesn’t matter if you do 2 reps or 20. Each person works independently, but has the support of those around them to keep going.



Since the holidays are upon us, we asked Drew for his thoughts on how to stay healthy during a time where imbibing on egg nog and cookies is inevitable, and exercise plans get foiled by weekend trips to visit family and friends. His response wasn’t to not eat the cookie. It was to add an extra serving of veggies versus that extra scoop of spuds, and to do what you can to get out and move. And just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you should give up on exercising. Research local studios and get on Groupon to see if they are offering deals. A lot of studios offer their first class for free, so take advantage of the offers out there so that you don’t totally derail your health and fitness goals.




Join Drew at 5AM on Thursday’s at the LB in Rookwood, and Wednesday’s at Benefit Studio.

Find him on FB here and Instagram here. 

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