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Raise your hand if you're still discovering new places in Cincinnati! We certainly are. 

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November 20, 2019

OK, I think it’s about time we propose a high speed train between downtown Cincinnati and Mason. Specifically because I need a solution for getting to Mason fitness studios more often.

If you have fitness friends in D.C., you’ve probably heard them rave about [solidcore]. It’s a pilates reformer class unlike any other, with their patented reformer they adoringly call “Sweatlana”. Just last year, this DC based studio expanded and is now sweeping the nation, with new studios opening up every month.

The Technique: 

Their site reads that [solidcore] is “unlike any...

November 14, 2019

Real talk: how many times have you been guilty of scrolling through Instagram, coming across someone you follow and thinking “man, they have it all, they are so perfect, life must just be great for them.” I’m going to go ahead and make the bold assumption that we have *all* had a similar thought at one point in time. For me, that person was Anna Rose, owner of Pure Barre Kenwood. She’s successful, young, absolutely gorgeous, and is constantly posting pics of her adorable pups and her fun travels. So, when I had the chance to *finally* come take one of her Emp...

October 29, 2019

Spruce Nail Shop isn't your normal nail salon. It's a cool nail salon. But, really, it is. You can tell this the moment you walk through the doors. The vibe is effortlessly chic, and it way feels more like stopping by a friend's trendy - yet cool and mellow - NYC loft apartment than soliciting a nail boutique in the midwest.  Spruce is different. And this, my friends, is very intentional.

Molly Reckman-Nagle is a native Cincinnatian and the owner and operator of Spruce. In 2015, Molly happened to read a New Yor...

October 28, 2019

When it comes to making a home cooked meal, there seem to be endless amounts of barriers for success. Time, money, supplies, space, recipes, to name a few. So, what if we told you all these barriers could be eliminated? You’d probably be real into dining in, right? 

Let us introduce you to Dream Dinners, a food prep business with multiple locations across Cincinnati where you make homemade meals for your family in their store, then freeze, thaw and cook when you are ready at home. We visited the Anderson location recently to see what it’s about. 

In an ide...

October 24, 2019

About three years ago I was introduced to Cincinnati Fitness Boxing (CFB), near Clifton, and I have been enamored ever since. Like a lot of females, I was kind of intimidated at the thought of boxing. I had never even picked up a pair of boxing gloves. What was I getting myself into?

My brother assured me that I was going to love the class. He was right.

CFB is owned by three men, Jeff, Kenny, and Ben. The trio is motivating, charismatic and dedicated. They have a passion for boxing, fitness, and our community.

In recent years, Cincinnati’s bou...

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