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Open Positions

CSOB Website Redesign

Find balance and connection with like-minded women who are all on a journey to find their personal versions of health.

The Cincy State of Being Insider Program is built for women who are searching for a supportive community, are open to trying new things, and want insider access to the hottest fitness and wellness facilities in town.


To learn more about our CincyStateOfBeing searching for a website designer to partner with us on creating a new, updated website for CincyStateofBeing. We’re looking for a collaborator and a teammate. See below for our goals. We view this as a starting point and look forward to connecting on the project in-person. If you’d like to apply please send examples of work, a CV, and estimated budget to by February 15th. program click here. Questions? We love chatting. Reach out to


  • Create a site that operates and exists on its own and is owned by CincyStateofBeing.

  • Transfer existing blog content from Wix to new platform.

  • Update user experience and flow of site.

  • Update and improve graphic designs, site functionality, and aesthetics.

  • Create a call to action on the website that sells our Insider Program--website should drive people to this option.

  • Create a search function based on keywords in articles so old content can be used. For example, if I’m Sarah and I live in Norwood, I should be able to come onto the CSOB website and search, workout studios in Norwood that are best for strength and then our old articles with those keywords and places would pop-up. Would like to be able to search by category (workout type, food place, clothing, etc., geography, etc.)

  • Create better placement for banner ads/website ads.

  • To improve the Insider sales process. See the current process here.  Individuals should be able to register for annual or monthly option online by filling out a form with information about themselves (birthday, t-shirt size, address, etc.) get a subsequent welcome email and then we’d like the site to automatically collect and store this information for us on the backend. In summation, we’d like to be able to optimize and streamline this experience and process.  

  • Assist with SEO optimization.

  • Explore the option for gated content.

  • Integrate all existing platforms (constant contact, Gmail, gsuite, PayPal, social media accounts, square, etc.) to the website.

  • Bonus: experience with e-commerce sites.

  • Bonus: experience with online content creation

We look forward to hearing from you!